Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cartoon Caption Contest

You've seen these before. Write your own caption for one or both of the cartoon frames. Publish it in the comments section so people can see who's is the best!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Near Death Experience

Reese almost got killed yesterday. We were in the middle of a crosswalk at a four-way stop and someone turned left right at us. I had to yank the stroller out of the way and even then the car passed within a foot of us. I was pretty shaken. I screamed at the time and cried after.

Moral of the story: look both ways before you cross the four-way. Especially if you're in a car and there's already a pedestrain with a baby in the MIDDLE of the crosswalk. Geesh. we weren't even just starting to cross, we were halfway there before the guy turned. He didn't stop, though he did slow down AFTER he passed us, I suppose in order to look back and make sure we were still alive.

I'm convinced that there are guardian angels. I'm grateful that my daughter is alive and well.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Reese discovered crayons tonight. She pulled them all out of the box one by one and very carefully colored faint lines on a page. She was VERY upset when we took them away because it was a half hour past bedtime and she refused to read a book. She ended up taking a pen to bed (which was mingled with the crayons but didn't get cleaned up into the crayon box). We couldn't pry it from her with how upset she was. Will had to go in and remove it from her crib after she fell asleep.

Just thought you might like to know.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gender Confused

Today during church, a high councilman was a visiting speaker. He asked over the pulpit who's child was the cutest. (I often practice for just such situations by making sure I repeat the phrase "my daughter is cuter than your daughter" often at random times. So far I haven't actually said this to anyone, except Will, which ends up in an agrument.) Due to this practice, in combination with the tendency of church members to assume questions asked over the pulpit are rhetorical, both Will and I independantly stuck our hands up high in the air, volunteering Reese as the cutest baby. Seeing our boldness, other parents soon raised their hands, too. The high councilman said that's just what he suspected: Everyone thought their child was the cutest.
Not to be outdone, Will grabbed Reese and held her above his head, Lion King style. The high councilman pointed to Reese and said "That little guy is the cutest one in the room." Someone shouted "That little girl..." but apparently not loud enough. The high councilman proceeded to tell a hypothetical scenario that I'm sure related very deeply to some spiritual concept, referring to Reese as a he ("Like that cute little boy", he would say). Meanwhile, well-intentioned members would try to correct him, but he was the one with the microphone, so he didn't hear anyone. Finally he stopped and asked us what Reese's Name was.
"Reese" called out Will, "and she's a girl".
The high councilman was dumbfounded. "A girl? She looks like a boy. Great, my wife is going to spend the rest of the day making fun of me for this one." The whole congregation bursted with laughter. Everyone in the ward had something to say to us after the meeting was over. Those without kids had to tell us she really was the cutest little girl they'd seen, and those with children had to agree she was the cutest little boy they had seen. It was kind of a riot.

This is what Reese was wearing. Now, I realize she won't keep a bow in her hair for more than 30 seconds, but you'd think the pink shirt, dress and necklace might have given it away. The high councilman later apologised to Will, mentioning that he didn't have his glasses.

And this is a picture of Reese I just threw in there to show you that she is getting enough hair to stick up. Maybe she looks like a boy, after all.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Day After The Birthday

We did get to go to the pool with some friends the day after Reese's birthday. Reese loves the water. She brought some toys to share with the other kids. She was pretty adventurous and kept wandering to deeper parts of the pool. The problem was that she still doesn't have the best sense of balance, and kept falling down. I'm sure she thought she was about to die a couple of times when she fell with her face in the water- but then she would recover and go right back. I had to stay close.

Before the pool, we went to a neighborhood "rodeo". It was really a tiny carnival with western-themed games. This is Reese duck hunting. They re-used the basin from last year's Halloween activity.