Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eleven Months

Reese is 11 months old today. Here are some things about her:

professional crawler . amateur walker . has one tooth (bottom front left) . Has another another tooth about to come in (bottom front right) . gets shy around strangers . smiles all the time . loves being outside . likes to play in the dirt . likes to wear necklaces . puts anything with length around her neck as if it were a necklace . becoming more independent : protests when she doesn't get her way . tantrums when she's tired and doesn't get her way . plays with oven knobs - or tries to when Momma isn't looking (ick!) . hates getting her face wiped . hates getting dressed . tries to roll over on the changing table . grabs hair . keeps her hat on pretty well when we're on walks . blows bubbles with her spit . babbles to herself . doesn't like clips in her hair . knows what the brush and comb are for . verging on one nap per day . doesn't like baby food meats . wants to eat whatever Momma or Daddy is eating . Smiles and waves at nearly everyone . charmer .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Will and I were sitting on the front row during Sunday school on Sunday, and Reese wanted to get up to the table that the teacher put her stuff on. She couldn't reach, so she decided that she would just walk to it. I was so excited to see her first steps. I wanted to fuss over and congratulate her, but I was trying not to disrupt class.

Since then she's taken short walks, usually a few steps at a time. She walked down the hallway and halfway back once. We're so proud and excited!

Oh, and I don't remember if I mentioned it yet, but she now has a tooth and a half.

A couple of steps

The Friday before her first solo walk, she had some practice in the pool.

... at which time she had to be comforted by Daddy after getting mega-splashed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not Sleeping

I haven't been sleeping very well for the last couple of nights. I've taken to listening to the radio via earphones in bed. It's helped a little- though I still can't sleep at least I'm not bored. But I've had a hard time getting comfortable on the pillow partly because we lost the little foam thingies that are supposed to be on the ear pieces, and it makes my ear hurt a little (especially the right ear. I don't thinkmy right ear was designed with ear pieces in mind.)
I let Reese play with the contents of one of our desk drawers and -miracle of miracles- she found one of the foam pieces! I was pretty excited for about five seconds until she popped it in her mouth. It would be like a little baby Wet Willie.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ladybug Floaty

Thanks Aunt Missi!


As you may have noticed, I haven't done a lot of blogging lately. I still probably won't for a little while. Here are some pictures of Reese to hopefully make up for it.

Baby Food Goatee
Bow in the middle of her head, where her arms aren't long enough to rip it off

Throwing things off of Momma's night stand

Trying to crawl through the bottom shelf of Momma's night stand
Riding the bus. A favorite form of transportation because it doesn't involve being strapped to a carseat

Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day

In Logan, the stadium fireworks show was on the 3rd of July. We didn't mind. Reese took a late nap that day so she was able to stay up late for the show. We live just uphill from the show so we simply walked out on the lawn, spread our blanket, and enjoyed. Sure beats holiday traffic.

Reese did really well with the noise, and she liked the show- except she got bored halfway through.

Our camera's attempt at "fireworks" mode.