Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sick Day

Last Friday Reese decided to get pretty sick for the first time. She's been a little "off" before, but this time she seems to have all the full-blown cold symptoms. She's been uncomfortable, runny-nosed, coughing and congested for the past three days. Last night Will started catching it, too.
We usually go and visit someone on Sundays, usually Will's parents or mine, but today we decided to take a sick day. Then I went to church, found out that a lot more people were sick, and decided to bring soup to others who were having a sick day, too. Will and Reese were feeling up to helping me deliver potato soup and garlic bread to some people, but then I went out to finish the rounds. When I came home, Will and Reese were just relaxing, the way sick people should. Will was reading a book and Reese was busy sucking her thumb.

Maybe the scene doesn't look strange to you, but I cracked up. She can barely sit up. I half expected her to pick up a newspaper.


I'm sorry to any of you that think bathtub pictures are a form of child abuse, but I really think this picture is adorable. Perhaps it's her tiny-ness in comparison to the bathtub.

Sunday Shoes

Last week we put shoes on Reese for the first time. She's played with her feet before, but I've never seen her want to eat them so badly. It's like a toy you wear!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Panic Attack

Hooray, we got through our first emergency experience today. Right before I planned on getting in the shower, Reese got a hold of a catalog and must have gotten some paper stuck in her throat. When she started coughing and gaging, I thought that she would throw it up, cry a little and be done. I figured I would sit with her until it was over and then get us both ready for the day.

When she was still crying and coughing and gaging ten minutes later, and I was scrambling around to find my phone, which didn't turn up. I decided that I had to go to a neighbor's house to borrow the phone. Since Reese was still breathing I figured I had time to look up the Urgent Care's phone number to see if they take our new insurance, for which I didn't have my insurance card in my wallet, and frankly had no idea where the insurance card was. I got the phone number, threw on some clothes and ran outside, thinking I would go straight to my downstairs neighbor's apartment. Unfortunately, when I got outside, I noticed that her car was gone, so I began running across our apartment complex, trying to think of who I knew that would be home. I was grateful to be greeted by a very friendly neighbor, Ricky, who let me use her phone. I called the Urgent Care, who didn't pick up. Thinking I must have had the wrong number I called the office where Will works (which is in the same building as the urgent care and I have the number memorized) and got the correct phone number from the receptionist. Thankfully, the urgent care takes our insurance.

Meanwhile Reese is still crying, but hasn't gagged in a minute or two, so I start to calm down and decide to call the pediatrician to see if he can tell me if I actually need to bring her in for monitoring or not. I don't have his number, well I'm sure that I posted it on the calendar or refrigerator or put it in her diaper bag or something, but I'm too jacked up on panic right now to remember. So I run home with Reese to look up the number online, at which point Reese begins gagging again. I run back over to Ricky's to use her phone. The pediatrician doesn't pick up and I'm transferred to the voicemail. Leave a message? I don't think so.

I call Will's office again, just to see if he knows where our insurance cards are because by now Reese is Gagging even worse and I'm beginning to get hysterical and I've decided that I'm definitely going to the urgent care. When the receptionist picks up, I'm such a mess that I can't even get my words out right and it takes a minute for her to figure out that I'm asking for Will, not one of the doctors or nurses. She puts me on hold. Reese throws up on Ricky's carpet. I look at the vomit, but I don't see anything substantial in it so I'm still worried she has something stuck in her throat because she's still coughing and crying. When someone finally picks up, it's not Will, it's a different medical assistant. I know I was crying, but I think I told her, "No! Will! I need to talk to Will! My name is Anna and I am his wife and I need to speak to him PLEASE!" She said okay and tried to put me on hold but I got disconnected instead.

I thanked Ricky as I ran out the door. I buckle my poor teary, slobbery, upset baby into the car seat, and as I am running to the car, Ricky comes running over to me. Will is on the phone. I tell him I'm coming to the urgent care and I need to hang up because I have to give Ricky her phone back.

Reese was pretty good on the way to the urgent care office. She was pretty well behaved as the doctor and nurse checked her out, too. She must have gotten something out in that vomit after all, or swallowed whatever was there.

The Urgent Care Center
Will had met me in the parking lot and was there at the urgent care office. At that point, since it appeared that I was in worse shape than the baby, the doctor left us in the room and told us to take as much time as we needed, at which point Reese started crying again. This time I think it was just because she was tired and probably confused at her mother's temperament.
As we left the VERY gracious doctor's office, I made Will promise to apologise for me to anyone I had yelled at on the phone. Reese fell asleep on the way home. I put her in her crib and keep checking to make sure she's still breathing. I think now I'll go post the doctor's number on the fridge and the calender and put it in her diaper bag, just in case.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For The Record, This Is Our Meal Routine

1. Put Reese in her chair

2. Put on two bibs, in case one fails or she licks it too much.
3. Get out a towel with one part wet and one part dry to wipe off her hands when she manages to get them in her mouth.

4. Mix up the rice cereal, about three tablespoons at a time, to a little thicker than applesause. Err on the side of thicker, because it thins out as you feed her. If it gets too soupy, add some more cereal mix.

5. Push the cereal to one side and add some veggies to the other side of the bowl. Don't feed her straight out of the veggies container because if she doesn't finish it then the spit from the spoon will start breaking down the food as it sits there and then it gets thrown out.

6. The first bit should be cereal because she like that the best. Then you can start putting both foods on the spoon at the same time.
7. Try and keep her mouth clean by scraping anything that gets around her mouth with the spoon. Good luck with this

8. You may have to have an extra spoon ready so that if she steals yours you'll have another one to entice her with.
9. I wish I had a video of her trying not to get her face wiped off after she is all done, but I think it's pretty comical.
10. Let her drink from a bottle to fill the rest of her tummy.
11. Smile back at her. She's usually in a good mood after she eats.

Grab and Eat

As I've mentioned before, Reese likes to grab things and put them in her mouth. I don't know if I've mentioned that she likes to put a lot of things in her mouth at once. One time she tried to get her thumb, her binki and a toy in her mouth all at the same time.

I gave her a carrot to suck on. Since I usually only let her put plastic and fabric in her mouth, she was really interested in this for a while. But like I said, she stops what she's doing when the camera comes out, so the carrot is falling out of her mouth.

She used to try and get her fingers into her mouth while I spoon fed her. She would do this by sticking her fingers in her mouth as soon as she saw the spoon coming. She kept getting upset when she would almost get a bite of food and then I'd pull away as soon as her fingers got in the way. Eventually she learned that I wouldn't try to put the spoon in her mouth if her fingers were already there, but found that I would let her hold on to the spoon handle with me. I thought she started grabbing the handle simply to give her fingers somewhere to go besides her mouth. But the tricky little girl discovered that while her hand was on the spoon handle, she could slip her thumb under the end of the spoon so it would fit into her mouth along with the food. I discovered it pretty fast, so she started resorting to the not-so-subtle idea of slowly slipping her whole hand along the spoon handle until it got to her mouth. When mom successfully prevented any of these "finger and food" tactics, she resorted to grabbing the spoon and not letting it go. I had to use two spoons so that when she grabbed one I could use the other.

Reese with her spoon and the "I see the camera" look.

Two Spoons

And The Litte One Said "Roll Over! Roll Over!"

Reese is rolling over more and more lately. I've caught her a few times, but she seems to freeze when there's a camera on. I have to try and snap shots when she doesn't know I'm looking.

Will put her down on her back on a banket. The next thing we knew, she was on her tummy and the blanket on her head.

Would you believe that, not seconds after I ended this shot, she got all the way on to her tummy. Rats.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

8 Things Tag

I know some people hate tags, but I love them. When else to you get to find out quirky things about people? Maybe it's just me. Some people like to know trivia, some people like riddles, but I'm the "quirky things about people I know" kind of person. Perhaps that's also why I love blogs so much.

8 Things About Me
Here are the Rules:
1) Post rules on your blog
2) Answer the six '8' items
3) Let each person know by leaving them a comment

8 Favorite TV Shows
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Law and Order, SVU
3. Law and Order, CI
4. Law and Order (no extra letters)
5. Bones
6. The Office
7. Lost
8. Scrubs

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Took a birthday basket to William at work
2. Ate Zupas
3. Watched "The City of Ember" (which I bet was better in book form)
4. Visited my mom
5. Found out I get a free rental at Hollywood Video
6. Fed Reesey, multiple times
7. Played with Reesey, multiple times
8. Checked my email

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. William going back to school
2. Me going back to school (masochist, I know)
3. Lauren's made-for-TV-movie
4. Shelly's Play, Wait Until Dark
5. Hanging out with Brotha (Please, Darren?)
6. Owning a home
7. Owning a business

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Zupas
2. Zupas
3. Carl's Jr.
5. Tree Room
7. Red Robbin
8. Subway (just the sandwiches with sweet onion teriyaki sauce)

8 Things on My Wish List
1. Bumbo (for Reese)
2. Money for school
3. A kitchen big enough for me to take all my kitchen stuff out of storage
4. Fancy Shmancy Balsamic Vinegar and loaf of artisan bread
5. Acceptance letter from a school Will applied to.
6. A personal chef business
7. A law degree
8. Camping and bird hunting gear

8 People I Tag
Yeah, this is that part I'm not so comfortable with. Whoever would like to say something about themselves.