Sunday, March 11, 2012


Okay, so I know I haven't posted pics of the house yet.  Actually, right as we were moving I took my computer in to get cleaned out and all the picture are on our back up hard drive which I haven't even seen since the move. But I'm so excited about a recent development that I had to share!

Our house came with Zero window coverings.  Luckily we already had some drapes to cover some bedroom windows, but not all. (Our next door neighbors would have no problem staring at me while I change Liam's diaper, as the changing table is right under a very uncovered window.)  So we've budgeted to cover a window a month and window number one is the huge glass sliding doors in the kitchen!  Outside mount vertical blinds. We put them up all by ourselves!

Yay for slightly less exposed to the outside!

Just For Fun

Just want you to know that I love my creative kids.

Reese and Liam LOVE arts and crafts.  Reese is very careful and deliberate, Liam always seems like he's concentrating so hard, but in the end we always end up with a bunch of refrigerator-worthy pieces.

And Liam's a good dancer, too.  I wasn't even able to catch the best parts.

Slumber Party

Cousins Maranda, Gavin and Daxton got to stay the night for a Sleepover!

Here we have Maranda modeling the blanket fort we made in the bed room.  Unfortunately, only a third of it lasted until bedtime.  Actually, the whole think lasted until bedtime, only a third of it lasted until sleep time.

After the fort but before bedtime, we got to watch some riveting Thomas and Friends.  The movie stops every once in a while to get your brain thinking ("Which route should Thomas take?  Which horn sounds like Marybeth's horn?) I think the kids had fun.

The next morning, after cleaning up a breakfast of waffles that everyone said were delish despite the fact that they were whole wheat (which I must have failed to mention) we pulled out the play-doh!

 Not gonna lie, it was pretty exciting.  After play-doh we had some snacks and played a ball-toss game until Mike came to pick up the kids.  

We sure had a great time, hope to do it again!

Finally, Some New Pics

I have to admit, I'm out of the blogging habbit.  Since moving I haven't even kept up with following other's blogs, let alone keeping mine updated.  Now that I have a table (thanks, Mom) to begin unpacking office boxed onto, perhaps I will slowly begin to get a little better.

In any case, Reese recently got a new dress.  She refuses to wear pants.  She will only wear dresses.  Fancy dresses.  And they have to suit her particular taste.  She wears the same Hello Kitty dress about 5-6 days out of the week and rotates between about two other dresses the other days.  My mom tried to help by sending home some old dresses, but despite the fact that Reese professed to think they were pretty, she won't touch them.

Today the Hello Kitty dress was dirty.  Thank goodness she hates wearing dirty things because I got her to try on the new dress that we picked out together last week that she's hardly glanced at since.  She declared it her "picture dress" and insisted that we do a photo shoot.  So yeah.  There you go.  Oh, and then Liam wanted in on the action and tried to imitate Reese's poses.