Friday, May 27, 2011

The Crib

So remember that post where I got a picture of Reese sleeping under Liam's crib? Yeah. Well. She hasn't actually slept in her own bed since. We've actually started tucking her in under there. I don't know how she's going to take it when Liam starts standing up and we have to lower the crib mattress. *shuffling that thought away to not think about until later*

After putting the kids to bed tonight, Will and I were planning a Sunday School lesson. We could hear the kids playing with each other instead of going to sleep, as usual, so I didn't think much of the sound of Liam's mobile until Will pointed it out.

"Oh, " I thought "Sometimes when you wind it up it will stop going before it's completely unwound, and then if you nudge it it will start going again, Reese probably was giving toys to Liam again and threw something at it.

Then I stopped thinking about it until Will pointed out something more: "Uh, does it sound to you like someone is winding the mobile?" I stopped to listen. Yup. Sure sounded that way. But we must be hearing things because Liam wouldn't be tall enough even if he could stand and Reese can't reach the mobile from the ground.

Turns out she decided to graduate from under the crib to in it. She's become quite the climber lately.


Reese had a tea party/picnic that her bear and duck were invited to. For some reason I thought they just did that in kids books- even though I think I had tea parties with stuffed animals, too. I never pictures Reese doing it. But it was adorable! Later, she put the lego box on her head and wanted me to take pictures and video of her and Liam.

And, once again, more dancing:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Running Away

Reese loves being chased. But it's the thrill of the hunt that she likes, not being caught. So she's come up with a genius solution. As soon as she knows you're about to catch her, she turns around with her hands up like bear claws and "RRRAAAWWRRR!!!" And voilĂ ! the hunted becomes the hunter.

Then she chases you long enough to put some distance between the two of you when she can start running away again.

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's 8:30 pm. Reese has been teasing Liam into fits of laughter and raspberries since we put them to bed at 8. She's been plunking around with toys and passing them to Liam in his crib.

I just heard her say, very sternly, "No! No Liam! I have to go asleep. No wake me up!"

Liam retaliated by blowing twenty seconds worth of raspberries and then giving a shrill giggle.

We reap what we sow, Reese. Reap what we sow.

Friday, May 20, 2011

More Dancing

Four Stars!

Reese got four stars on her potty chart today! (It may have helped that she put her stars mostly on the liquid options- juice, extra milk, chocolate milk)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goings On

I put Liam sitting up in his crib at nap time because he seemed awake enough to want to play around for a while. I figured he would lay back when he was ready to sleep, but he leaned forward instead, folding himself in half. This is how Will found him. I laughed, then took a picture, then straightened him out.

Reese hiding under her heart blanket

Reese has to fix the wrinkles that Liam put in her nicely spread out blanket

Daddy and Reesy playing around

I love this picture. I know that Reese and I are only dots in the middle, but it's pretty scenery and sentimental when I think about how we ran around and chased the geese and ducks, just the two of us. And then that one huge goose came right up to us and I was afraid he was going to attack us until I realized he was expecting us to feed him. Ah, good times.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

10 Months

Liam is ten months old today.

Here are some things about him:

Sits sideways in his high chair . finally rolls over both ways easily . scoots backwards . spins around as he sits . throw tantrums all the time . eats from a bottle again (he refused to do so for a couple of months) . gets jealous when he sees someone eating and not sharing with him . switched to bigger car seat (still rear facing grumble grumble grumble) . Mama's boy . scoots forward every once in a while when he gets his foot just right . likes to play with his sister before he falls asleep . loves the sand box . hates wearing hats . ticklish . starting to resist nap schedule . imitates noises and actions . yells and shouts when happy, screams when upset- basically a noisy little guy . no teeth yet . likes bath a lot more than he used to . likes the pool more than his sister does . obviously wishes he were more mobile .

I sure love this handsome little man.

Liam and a blue cup.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Wish

I wish I had enough artistic talent to be like this couple who sells jewelry on Etsy. There's a girl in my ward who does great selling her tablet/ipad/e reader covers in her esty shop. I whish I were like them.

Just sayin'.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

My mother is attentive. She's always there for her kids, even when inconvenient. Even when extremely inconvenient and super costly. And sometimes far away. And sometimes even when it conflicts with her anniversary celebration.

My mother is frugal. If she were in charge of the banks there wouldn't have been such an economic crisis. She's always looking for a deal or a steal, but never at the expense of someone else.

My mother loves cleanliness. She's really good at knowing exactly how to get that stain out or what to use to eliminate that odor what keeps things fresh for the longest. I consider her the expert and completely believe that "cleanliness is next to Godliness". I suppose that makes my mom a demigodess.

My mother can talk. No, not silly gossipy nonsense. She is engaging and sincere and disarming in a friendly conversation. I love talking to my mom precisely because the gift of gab is something that I myself am not blessed with as she is. And I wish I were.

My mother isn't afraid of work. You can't teach someone work ethics. It's something that you have to experience and practice. You can, however, be an example of it. My mother works hard. She works honestly. She's diligent. She never puts in half-hearted effort when she says she'll get something done. She's constantly going. It seems to me that she takes on the world every day.

My mother is a fabulous grandmother. I couldn't ask for a better gramma for my kids. I don't think they will, either. They love being around her and can tell she loves being around them.

My mother loves her family. Which is really something because every single one of us from Dad to Kenzie, the youngest of eight, is strong-willed and, at times, rebellious. I have been upset with her in my lifetime, (show me a kid who's never been mad at their mother!) but I have never once questioned weather or not she loves me.

My mother is supportive and tolerant. Strange combo to put in the same paragraph? No, because she's supportive of her children and husband even when she thinks what we're doing may be hair-brained. "What? You want to do soccer and try out for the community play while doing the school play and dance on the varsity ballroom team and take a trip to Disneyland while on tour for marching band and choir and doing research for your science project and running for student body office and shopping for a prom dress right after music lessons all before next Monday? Okay, I'll clear my schedule to give you a ride and start laundry to make sure your socks and jersey are clean." She's also good at planning.

My mother is smart. She knows that the point of school is learning and not grades. She makes sure to keep up with current events. She takes interest in the world an community. She likes games of strategy and not luck (though she claims that's simply because she never wins games of chance). She's good at researching. She passes on useful information.

I sure love my mom.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Silly Kids

Liam was making faces so Will pulled out the camera.

Last night Reese was being very uncooperative at bed time. When Will tried to get her to settle down and do bedtime books and songs, she refused. So Will told her that she would need to go to bed without doing those things. Reese threw a massive fit. I think she was under the impression that she wouldn't have to go to bed if she could just avoid the bedtime routine. She was kicking and wiggling so much that Will had to tell her specifically when he put her down, "Don't get out of bed!" Later, when I went to check on her, I was startled to find her bed empty. I looked around and finally found her. Under Liam's crib.

I thought it was an act of rebellion against Daddy for telling her to stay in bed, but we pulled her out and put her back in bed while she was sleeping but she was back under the crib in the morning. And Will tells me just now that she's under there again. I dunno. Maybe it's her version of the bunk bed.


Announcement designed by Anna

Anna: Will! Stop walking! Hey you, Will! I'm trying to take a picture!
(*Will hears me and stops*)
Mike: Will! Keep walking! You're holding up the line!

The Hood!

The MBA's as the ceremony begins

The view from the back

Will's MSHR cohort

The supportive Faber's who came to celebrate with us

The supportive Heath's that came to celebrate with us

Will and Jim, his dad


Super-Proud of my Grad!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lots of Pictures

We went to the playground to celebrate good weather (it took long enough to get here.)

Sandbox fun

Liam and Dad on our all-weather blanket

Truck and sand castle
Liam handles sunglasses better than Reese did at this age. He'll actually keep them on long enough to laugh for a second at the change in vision

Liam trying to get the camera as I try to snap him with his feet on the table

Liam and cousin Nathan at Gramma and Grampa Heath's house

Reese and her cousins Katie, Trevor and Lillie

Lillie, Trevor, Reese

Liam cons Grampa into walking him around

And Aunt Christine. He's pretty good at getting people to do this.

Liam sits with Gramma, who didn't fall for it.

Reese getting ready to drive to visit family for the week. It's not that cold outside, but she loves her Belle scarf.

Ice cream!

At home with friend Kat

Easter Egg Hunt

University housing hosts an Easter egg hunt every year. This year Reese was old enough to know what was going on.

Liam picked up a couple eggs, too. And by that I mean I picked up a couple of eggs for him to play with. Mostly he was so nervous about the crowd that he wouldn't even let me put him down so that I could walk him around- and walking is something that he normally would prefer over anything else.
Reese found her friends in the middle of the hunt

I made some cookie bouquets (if you can call two cookies a bouquet) for my visiting teaching sisters.

And that's all the Easter themed pictures I have. Thanks for tuning in.