Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just Some Stuff

Here are some photos from the past month, just because.

Reese was jealous of my apron, so I let her wear it. We gave her a wooden spoon and she wandered around looking like a mini-baker.
Reminiscent of Molly, (if anyone recalls, Molly tore up a ten dollar bill pretty good) turns out Reese didn't like those verses in Exodus, so she lovingly removed them for me.

I remember thinking that boxes were a fabulous toy when I was a kid, although I remember them still being intact. Reese is okay with the flat variety. I couldn't keep her off it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

One Year

Today Reese is 12 months old! Here's the scoop:

Reese got a Barney and friends birthday card from her great Grandma and Grandpa Faber. She carried it around and played with it for a while.

We were going to the local pool for a swim with some other moms and kids in the neighborhood. Turns out we got there too early because the hours have changed for school this week, and it was closed. So much for a birthday pool party. I even had remembered to bring my camera and didn't get to take a picture. This is Reese in her swim diaper getting undressed from the failed trip. We'll make another attempt before the pool closes for the season.

Reese had a whopping one wrapped present. It was a book from Grandma and Grandpa Heath. She also got some toys that I used to play with when I was a kid. Thank you to those who gave Reese monetary gifts. Those birthday funds will be used to buy her new winter gear when it gets colder.

following presents, Reese got the cake. Her birthday cake was a cinnamon gooey cake of my own invention. When she was done with it, the final resting place of the cake is as follows: 85% on the floor, 5% in her tummy, 10% on her body, mostly the hair and hands.

I do have footage of her doing some eating and throwing, but this was end result of the meal.

Following a bath, Rees put a skirt on her head and tried to help load the dishwasher- or at least tried to lick the dishes in the dishwasher.

I had to go out for the evening, so Reese finished off her birthday with Daddy (this is Reese in her pajamas)

Here are some things about Reese:

Her vibrant blue eyes seem to always get comments even from strangers . She's consistently been in the 80-90 percentile for all measurements except head circumference (her 12 month visit is next week, I'll update then) . She takes about two naps per day . She's really shy around adults and really relaxed around kids . She screams randomly, just for fun . She loves wearing necklaces, or putting just about anything around her neck . She's started giving hugs . has a ticklish tummy . likes baths . She's constantly trying to get into the kitchen garbage . likes to brush her hair. she thinks it's hilarious when Momma puts bows in her own hair, just to show Reesey what it's supposed to look like . She's tall enough to turn the TV on and off (and on and off and on and off...) . She loves listening to people on the phone, even though she hasn't said anything back, yet . She's pretty good at walking, but still in the process if gaining better balance . Still a fabulous sleeper . Curious . Loves bananas . Hair long enough to look messy in the mornings . pulls laundry out of the basket and newspaper off the table . sucks on her toes . loves the outdoors .

Stats: 20lbs 7oz - 30.5 inches long - 45.3 head circumfrence

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Cousins

On our way back out of town from visiting Reese's grandma Faber last week, we were finally able to visit some cousins on Will's side of the family. Sorry, we didn't get pictures of Reese with Miranda or Gavin- but we did stop to play for a few minutes.

Trevor was great at showing Reese his train set. He didn't even seem to get all that upset when Reese tromped over the tracks. We just called her the "baby monster" that was out to get all the trains.

Lillie shared her dress-up clothes with Reese. Here Lillie is a princess and Reese is a fairy.

Katie couldn't believe that Reese had the nerve to come and play with her toys. I was pretty excited that they stayed close enough together long enough for me to take a picture.

Pretend Birthday

Reese turns 12 months old this month on the 28th. But since Will and I are so far away, we're not really doing anything special with family to celebrate. My mom suggested that we make a cake for Reese and have a pretend birthday party while we were visiting, even though Reese isn't quite one yet.

The Baby of Honor:
Reese has no idea what's going on. I'm not sure why parents even light a candle.

snacking on the owl from the top of the cake.
Video: Reese having no idea what is going on, so Kylee finally blows out the candle for her.
The Cake:

"Whoo, Whooo is 1?" If you can't tell, the purple character is an owl.

Why, Reese is 1, silly

The whole cake. The trunk is chocolate, the tree top and owl are yellow cake. The leaves are peppermint sugar clay (which Kylee didn't like saying "it tastes like gum", the owl's eyes, wings and tummy are oreos, the beak is a starburst.

At Grandma's With The Cousins

Since Blogger uploads pictures weird, these are all in reverse chronological order. Sorry.

Reese playing in the wood chips at Discovery Children's Park. It's a huge playground with educational equipment, like a volcano-shaped fort that has information on the food chain, a set of dino bones to play in with info on dinosaurs, and quite a few physics lessons in the form of sound tunnels and such.

Brayden crossing the monkey bars (notice uncle Will isn't even helping)

Kylee trying out the rings

Kylee with aunt Kenzie and Kenzie's friends, Miranda and Linly.

Brayden on the tire swing. He liked this one a lot

Kylee and Brayden, lolly pops from Chuck E Cheese

Kylee and Reese on the jeep at Chuck E Cheese

More Jeep fun.

Brayden and Kylee on the Chuck E Cheese play set

Tea party (excuse me, "water party". We don't drink tea as Kenzie points out. Ahem.) at Grandma's house.

Games in the living room

Will made the mistake of leaving the pasta bowl too close to Reese
BBQ with the Christensens in the area.

Packing for Grandma's

Last week we went to stay with Grandma Faber to help watch Reese's cousins, Brayden and Kylee, while their parents moved to another state. Reese tried to help both coming and going.

Wrapping herself in a dirty blanked when I was doing laundry so we could pack.

Smashing the suitcase closed to help us unpack when we got home.
You totally wish your kid was as helpful as mine is.