Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8 Months

Reese is 8 months today. Here are some things about her:
Loves to play with hoodie strings and computer chords . learned how to clap . no interest in crawling . can scoot around in circles on her tummy as fast as lightning . eats any food we give her . likes crackers and snack bits . loves playing with the computer mouse . Teething . drools a lot . loves to go outside . loves to go outside even more when she's not in a carseat or stroller . social . loves to watch other kids play . beams at strangers- especially those who smile back . holds her blanket when she sucks her thumb . has been known to hold hard object, like toys, to her face when she sucks her thumb, too . Gets frustrated to no end when something is just out of reach . "blows raspberries" . really likes her bath toys . enjoys splashing in the bath tub . sticks her tongue out . walks with help balancing . pulls hair and earrings . loves beaded necklaces . wiggles . pulls off her socks . good traveler .



Funny Things

When I'm home, I randomly hear a chicken clucking. I think the clucking comes from my neighbor's yard. I always tell Will when he gets home that "I heard the chicken again today." I think he must have thought I was nuts. I'm really going crazy because I don't hear voices, I hear clucking. But the other day, I caught sight of the chicken! It exists! I'm not crazy!

But I still think it's kind of wierd that a neighbor with such a small yard (townhome yard) would have a chicken. I talked to the people who live in the townhome next door, and they say that there are pigeons, too. Pigeons aren't as loud as chickens.

Reese has recently developed an affinity for blowing raspberries. I didn't know what "blowing raspberries" was before, but this video shows it pretty clearly. She began around the same time I noticed teething symptoms. I heard that babies drool more when they teeth, but do they spit, too? The picture is at a weird angle because we had to hide the camera behind the salt and pepper shakers so that Reese wouldn't see it and just start smiling.

Bye-Bye Friends

Our good friends, the Riggins, moved last Saturday. We have spent the last couple of months doing Monday family nights with them, and it's been a great way to make sure we do the family night at all. I think we may go back to struggling without them, but I hope not. We did great yesterday, anyway.
A week ago Monday was our last family night with them and we went to see a Utah Valley University baseball game. The weather was great for us (unlike when we helped them move, when it rained pretty much all day) and we had a lot of fun. Bye Bret and Britt, we'll miss you guys!

Britt and Bret got there early, so Britt was chosen to do one of the games to win a prize. Her roll didn't win the game, but she got a consolation prize of a coupon for a free drink at a local restaurant.
Reese with the field in the background

Riggins, Will and Reese

Reese Dancing to the Chicken Song

Easter Make-Up

Last Sunday we had Reese wear her Easter outfit so that I could take pictures. I think she's pretty cute. She actually kept the headband on on Easter day, but this past Sunday was a struggle. Oh well.

Always Smiling

Clapping in Delight (she loves the camera)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weather Getting Better

We're loving what Mother Nature had in store this past week.

The snow melted quickly enough. Reese has discovered that she loves the outdoors. She always gets excited when we go out the door and she's not already strapped in her carseat.

Reese in the Grass
While my sisters were off for spring break last week, we all went up to visit our grandparents in Salt Lake. We went to the Mayan restaruant and shot some pictures with the giant snake statue outside. This is Reese about to be eaten.
Inside, on of the Mayan priests caught Reese's attention. I think she was way impressed. She especially liked his big stick.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

USU Update

Yesterday Will and I went up to Logan to scope out Utah State University. Despite having beautifully gorgeous weather earlier in the week, it was raining cats and dogs as we took the two-hour drive up, and began snowing while we were there. But besides the dreary weather, we had a great trip. I had wanted to wait until it was sure to be sunny outside, but it turns out it was better this way.

After the housing and campus tours, and trying out some Aggie ice cream, we met with William's advisor, who suggested that Will beginning school this summer instead of this fall in order to get certain classes out of the way. I had heard about the summer class program because I'm the one that attended the college fair where we got the info for the HR program, but since we will be out of state in June, we assumed that Will wouldn't be able to participate in these semi-intensive study. Turns out we were wrong, and we're moving up to Logan the second week of June.

We also talked about the program, met some staff, and learned that Will will be going with the school on an "international experience" in addition to his internship, and will probably go to Barcelona, perhaps Israel. I think I'm even more excited about it than he is.

And thanks mom and sisters for watching Reese while we took this trip. We really appreciate it!

April Snowers Bring May Plowers

Geesh, Snow again? Before the snow, we were able to go out on walks and visit Darren on BYU campus and William at work and run other errands and stuff. What is up with the today warm tomorrow blizzard thing? I wish the weather would make up its mind. I wish its mind would be spring instead of winter.

Last week it was so warm that I didn't feel compelled to put pants on Reesey.

Then this is what it looked like this morning

Reesey visits Daddy at work and helps him with setting up a phone

Visiting uncle Darren at BYU

I enjoyed visiting him and playing games- you know, just for fun

There's nothing exceptionally special about this picture except that it was actually taken on Easter day. I thought I didn't have any pics, but here she is right after we put her pajamas on. within minutes of her being in her cute eater outfit. *sigh*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Easter

I hate to admit it, but I am officially a bad mother because I forgot to take a picture of Reesey in her Easter dress, or at all on her first Easter. I try and rationalize that she wasn't old enough to hunt for eggs or look for the easter bunny or rummage through a wicker basket with fake grass or eat candy or even know what was going on but, let's face it, those are all just lame excuses. So Reese, one day when you're old enough to read this and want to see what it was like on your first Easter, please know that I'm sorry. And I still love you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Frog Inspiration

I was trying to design a logo with a frog in it for a business idea that I have. I needed it to be original, but I'm not that great at coming up with completely original ideas- I usually have to have something as a base to spark creativity. Welp, long story short, I used a picture of Reesey as the inspiration for my new personal logo. Can you see the resemblance?