Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Dress

Since this year Easter falls on the same day as our world-wide Church general conference, we don't get to go to church on Easter. Rather, we'll watch it on TV. So today Reese got to wear her Easter dress to church. I had every intention of taking a picture BEFORE church, but didn't get around to it. I knew that if I didn't then Murphy's law says that something will happen to the dress before I actually get around to taking the picture. So, of course, even though Reese hasn't had a blowout in many months, she decides to do one today that was big enough to use up the rest of the baby wipes in the diaper bag- I think there were six. And she still needs a bath.

Luckily, she only pooed on everything under the dress, not the dress itself.
Her other undershirt matched a little better. And she had cute tights on.

And she had a cute jacket that matched.

One Box Of Girl Scout Samoas Isn't Enough....

.... So I made my own.

This link is where I got the recipe, in case you were wondering. Doesn't taste exactly the same, but close enough until I perfect the vanilla cookie portion. They were a hit at the "linger longer" at church, anyway.

... and Tagalongs

Spring Break

I visited family for spring break. The week included visiting Reese's cousin Daxton for his baby blessing, staying off the kitchen floor at Grandma Faber's house while it was being tiled, eating out way too much, getting a flat tire, attending cousin Katie's birthday party, visiting Grandma and Grandpa Heath, playing at the mall playground, celebrating Grandpa Christensen's birthday with all sorts of extended family, getting up early to play donkey kong country with Kenzie and Megan before Kenzie went to school and playing around with everyone at Grandma's house.

I don't have any pictures because Will had the camera with him in Spain and Israel. Maybe my sisters and mom will be gracious enough to email me some shots so I can post them... hint hint.

More on Will's trip later.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Will and I dropped by the parents over the weekend to grab a bag for Will's upcoming fun trip. While there, we played Dr. Mario. Then, when both Mom and Will thought they were about to win, this happened:

Draw! I was losing and I still benefited, something that neither Mom nor Will thought of as they were lamenting their lack of a win. Hee hee!

Something To Do With A Box

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Announcements

So I've been told that maybe I should try to use my hobby of noodling around in Photoshop to try and make a little cash on the side. Welp, here's my attempt:

My Baby Announcements for Sale

I would like to remind you all that I did this purely as hobby before, so if you see an image or pattern that I stole from you, your blog, facebook page or whatever and you don't want me to have it on my baby announcements, please shoot me a line and I'll take it down. And please be reminded also that I'm a complete amateur.
Oh, and if you want an announcement done, baby or otherwise, and you don't need professional quality, you can ask me for the friends and family discount rates, which will probably be free.