Friday, November 28, 2008

3 Month Reese

Three months old today. Here are some things about Shareese.

loves her mobile . gets excited when Daddy comes home . only likes short 'tummy time' . always smiles on the changing table . gets sharp finger nails . wiggles . tries to laugh . has beautiful blue eyes . fuzzy hair that's growing back . startles when someone sneezes . almost holds her head up straight . called "Ms. Grumpy Pants" when fusses for no reason . called "Angel" when her normal, happy self . tries to eat her dresses . always blows out at church. likes walks with Mama . usually feeds six times per day . sleeps through the night a lot . loves her binki . learning to suck on her fingers . chunky thighs . happy in the rocker . tries to talk . loved by her family .

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Clip People

I just created clip-art pictures of the doctors at Spinal Interventions. I think they're good enough that it would be rude to keep them to myself. Especially since Dr. Faber is my dad.

So here they are:

Dr. Peterson

Dr. Faber

Monday, November 17, 2008


This past week Reesey has really started babbling. She likes to tell stories and sing and is delighted when we babble back at her. She was one of the best singers during the opening song in Relief Society on Sunday.... and during the opening prayer.

Little Bit of talk

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't Smile

I wasn't going to blog tonight, but I have to record something that made me laugh.
We came home from a visit to Will's parent's house right around ten p.m. and Reesey was asleep in her car seat. I was hoping that she would stay sleepy while I fed her and would go right to sleep again. You all know that wasn't really going to happen. But when she was done feeding I wrapped her in a blanket and she actually was sleepy-eyed, so I put her in her crib, thinking that she would be able to get to sleep.
About ten minutes later, after Will and I were finished the weekly family blog-checking, I walked past Reesey's door and heard a loud sucking noise.
"She's awake," I said to Will. "She's sucking her fingers."
Will replied, "Good, maybe she'll suck herself to sleep."
Reese subsequently made some upset/crying noises.
"I think it's your turn," I said to Will.
"I don't want to go in there!" Will exclaimed, "She'll smile at me!"
When I started laughing at how absurd that argument sounded, he defended himself with a (quite serious) "What? You know she will."
-Which made me laugh even harder.

You see, when Reesey is in her crib and not happy, she is delighted to see Mommy or Daddy come to her rescue. The problem is, she'll start smiling when she merely sees one of us, before any amount of rescuing has taken place. This is a huge problem because we feel obligated to perform the action that she already seems to be thanking us for (picking her up). Thus, we both have a significant problem enforcing bed time when she does this.

It's been two and a half months and she's already got us both wrapped around her tiny finger.

"I don't want to go in there- She'll smile at me!"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bath Time

Here's some Reesey since I don't have any exciting news.

The sound she is making in this video is one of her "I like this" sounds. I love it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Legend Of Sleepy Baby

Kaylie, my cousin Jason's wife, gave Reese a cute pumpkin costume. If you recall, she was wearing it in the pictures of our ward Halloween party. Will was wearing his Kermit costume and carrying around our little pumpkin Reese under his arm, and mentioned that he should have been the headless horseman and then Reese could be his "head". I thought that would be a fabulous idea. But then what would I be? The horse, of course!

I started looking around for a headless horseman and a horse costume. Unfortunately, the only headless horseman costumes I could find were online, and ran around $80, not including shipping. I thought at least I would be able to find a horse costume around locally, but it appears that a horse is not a popular costume. I decided I would have to sew a cape for Will. I then began to look for a large stuffed horse that I could turn the head in to a hat or something, but Savers only had little stuffed animal horses.

I was scrambling the week of Halloween, I couldn't figure out how I was going to do the horse and the cape. The only hope I had was the fact that all Halloween stuff was 50% off since Halloween was so close. I was at K-mart when I found this monk costume and the wheels started turning in my head. "A monk?" you ask? That's right.

The monk costume had two important features: A horse-color body and a hood. A hood with plenty of material to sculpt into a horse head. I bought cheap black fabric and buttons, used some scraps that I had at home (and some fake eyelashes) and went to work.

They took a while to make, me having only the picture in my head and no patterns and all, but the costumes turned out even better than I had hoped. The only sad thing is that I didn't get the costumes done in time to enter any contests. I was pretty proud.

I have a couple more pictures in a web album. I really think that Will and Reese were the hit of the evening, though, and the entire ensemble cost us less than $20:

08 Sleepy Hollow costumes