Sunday, August 21, 2011

Easter Dress

Reese wanted me to post some pictures of her in her Easter dress.  These are of her in her Easter dress and homemade tutu.  She is in love with her Easter dress and her Christmas dress (which she simply refers to as her "sparkly dress") I think because the fuller skirts make her feel like a princess.

Reese Birthday Party At Jungle Jim's

(Please see posts on Sept 7, 2011 for the yearly birthday post)
Reese has been so excited to turn three!  We had a birthday party at Jungle Jims, which is like a Chuck E Cheese with rides.  We invited all Reese's cousins.  Due to our previous experiences, we thought the festivities would last an hour to an hour and a half.  Turned into three hours.  The kiddos had a BLAST!

They all loved the Jeep ride

Nathan even tried to break in to ride it

Everyone except Daxton and Liam, who pretty much cried the entire ride.

Reese and Miranda

The Cinderella Cake
It's buttercream, not fondant (thank goodness because that would look like terrible fondant work) in case you were wondering.

Will, Liam, Marianne, Daxton hanging out at the table

Liam on the carousel

Gavin and Liam on the carousel
Reese and Miranda 

Some Videos (in no particular order): Liam and Dax having a hard time on the Jeeps, Mirandan and Reese on the elephant "Amazon" ride, Singing happy birthday, and passing out cake.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Comcast ID

Reese keeps trying to steal her daddy's work badge because it has a retractable string that's fun to play with. She was so sad when we insisted that no, this is not something that she can play with or even hold for that matter (because "I just hold it" inevitably ends in "I just playing with it" to Reese, where's Daddy's badge? "It's hiding!")

So will got one of the retractable chord thingies and Reese insisted that I put her picture on it so she could be like Daddy. Here she is modeling it attached at her waist, just like Daddy.

We had a photo shoot especially so I could make this for her. All I asked for was that she look at the camera and smile- the posing was her idea.