Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week's End

This weekend, Reese learned how to get into the laundry basket all by herself. She already knew how to reach in and pull out folded laundry, but this is a big new step.

This weekend Grandma Faber came to visit. Reese had a great time getting doted on, and Anna and Will loved the help and company.

Aunt Nikenzie came as well. Reese loves that Aunt Kenzie will play with her and walk her around.

Thanks for the fabulous weekend, you guys!

Ten Months

Shareese is ten months old today.

Here are some things about Reese

Smiles a lot . crawls around . prefers to be walked around . climbs on things to standing . interested in pine cones . developed a tendency to tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants . persistent . explorer . loves the outdoors . hates wearing a hat . wants to sample anything she sees Momma or Daddy eat . still no teeth . doesn't like getting buckled in car seat . usually good once buckled in . chases bugs . laughs out loud . likes to do acrobatics with Daddy . curious . still sticks her tongue out all the time . grabs . loves bananas . likes books with flaps . likes pushing buttons . keeps trying to play with the stove knobs even though Mommy doesn't let her (and maybe because Mommy doesn't let her) . thinks shoes are for sucking on . likes to tear paper apart . eats like a bottomless pit .

Friday, June 19, 2009


Turns out the only thing she needed to encourage her to crawl was some grass.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We have updated our address with most every place we need to and are beginning to feel like official residents of Logan. I'm not gonna lie, the move was stressful, but now that we're more than halfway unpacked, I feel like I can take the time to blog again, and am starting to feel at home.

We were at Wal-Mat buying some things for the new place, when Reese decided this whole moving thing wasn't as hard as I made it sound, so she figured she could just recline and relax

school has started again for Will, but this time he has Reese to help him study

Unpacking has been stessful with a daughter who spent the last week being babysat while her Momma and Daddy packed, who now feels the need to be very clingy. We decided that, since all her toys were either gifts or teethers, we would break down and buy Reese a new toy. We wanted one that had lights, because she is easily distracted by lights, but ended up finding this kid computer. We decided this was the one when we discovered what happened when we tried to take it away from her...

Carribean Cuise

Florida, Grand Turk, Jamaica, Grand Cayman. Lots of food, sun and fun. I REALLY enjoyed being able to nap when Reesey napped, instead of having to choose between getting some rest and getting things done. Thanks Mom and Dad for the fabulous family vacation!

On the Boat:

Girl's Night Desserts
Mom's Birthday Stateroom Surprise!

Reese's Sleeping Situation

Stateroom lights that a little girl can reach (right above the bed)
Grand Turk Island:

The Carnival Glory docked at the tourist beach at Grand Turk. Beautiful Waters
Reese obvioulsy enjoying the beach with aunt Megan
Dunn's River Falls. Most of the group hiked up the water

We, meanwhile, were the dessignated stuff holders, so things wouldn't get wet.
Grand Cayman Island:

Fresh Coconut Juice (with the boat in the background)

They really got into the pirate theme for tourists

Random Chickens running around. We found this one hanging out in front of the KFC. Go figure.

This is how fresh that coconut juice was...

I Just Noticed

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago, when we still lived in Orem. I painted our front window so that people wouldn't be able to see into our apartment when our blinds wouldn't go down all the way due to an obstruction from a window air conditioner. I noticed that in the mornings the sun would cast a neat shadow on the wall from the window. I think I tried to take the pictures on an overcast day, so they're not really vibrant, but I thought it was cool, anyway.