Friday, July 25, 2008

The Owlz Game

For a long time I have wanted to go to a local baseball game, just for the novelty of it. I've decided that it really is a good citizen-type thing to do to support local and school venues. Tonight we went to an Orem Owlz baseball game. I've never been to a baseball game before, so I wanted the full experience. I wore the team colors, white and red, cheered loud enough to make my throat hurt, ate concessions and stayed the whole nine innings even though we lost by two runs and I was getting painful contractions. We did get to see a three run homer and a couple double-plays and we got seats right behind home plate. Todd and Megan came with us so between Will, Todd and Megan I was able to figure out what was happening most of the time. I really enjoyed making the hooting noise that fans made to cheer on the team. Go Owlz!

Will in awe at our awesome seats

Me and Will in front of the field. I wish I had caught before that you can't see my tummy. Now I don't have a picture of Reese at the game. Oh well.

Megan and Todd. We decided that, among the four of us, Megan and I are the best fans. Both will and Todd made comments about how the other team was doing better, but Megan and I stuck by our Owlz the whole time. We knew the other team was just getting lucky.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

There Might Be A Baby Coming If...

Even if you don't walk into the nursery, there are little evidences all over our apartment that we are preparing for an impending birth. Can you tell where the Reese-prep is in these pictures?

Bedroom Night Stand

Bathroom Towel Rack

Laundry Room Shelf and Hangers

Kitchen Garbage
Living Room Computer

Friday, July 18, 2008

Gotta Catch "Em All!

Once Upon a time, Holly, who works with William, went to Burger King for her lunch break and got a kids meal. She ate the food, but came back to the office with a sweet pokemon card holder and a pokemon card. When showing off her prize, Will examined the card and declared it to be 'weak sauce'. He felt that there were much more powerful cards that could be played in a pokemon game.
Shelly, who also works at the office, just happened to have a set of pokemon cards at home and decided to bring them in the next day to show Will.
Will thought it was awesome and challenged Holly to pick out a pokemon deck so that they could "duel". Everyone else who wandered into the break room during that period was also invited to join in the poke-awesomeness. Will was determined to pick the best pokemon deck.
He made sure that he knew all the rules. He examined the best combinations of pokemon. He checked out all the powers and attacks and defenses. He considered each pokemon card one by one.

He sang a little. We love him, anyway.

The end.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tummy Check Part Two

I've taken Wednesday mornings off work from now until forever so that I can go do water aerobics. At first it felt funny, and then I got used to the water, and then when I got out of the pool I felt like I instantly gained 50 pounds- all in my front. But Reese does like to make sure that I know she's still there even with all my weight suspended in the water. I imagine she thinks it's funny to kick around and set herself in the way that will make it most difficult for me to to a certain exercise and/or stretch.

Now that I'm sprinting to the finish line of my first pregnancy, I have some advice to give to future mothers. Two things actually: 1, do water aerobics. It's awesome. 2, Don't buy your pregnancy swimsuit online just because it was a great price. I just bought the cheapest I could find with the mentality that "No matter what I wear I'm going to have to swim with the mentality that I don't care what I look like anyway, so why spend time and money to get the "perfect" swimsuit?" As it turns out, I don't like my swimsuit at all, and the next time I do the pregnancy thing I'm going to be buying another one anyway. One that I've tried on before I purchase.

Even though they don't cover much, I'm just glad that my swim shorts still fit. I'm not crazy about my thighs right now

Dreaming of a new swimsuit.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tummy Check

My tummy is big enough that its underside is outside my line of vision. Sometimes I'll get stains or food stuck to the underside of my belly and I won't know it's there until I see myself in a mirror. "What?!" I'll ask myself, "how long has that been there?" It's kind of embarrassing.

I was joking with William about how people will put their fingers up behind their back and make someone guess "how many fingers am I holding up?" I told him that if someone put fingers up on the underside of my tummy, I would have no idea. He tried it. A couple of times. I guessed wrong most of the time.

Checking out the size of the Reesey bump.

How many fingers am I holding up?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's What Being A Homemaker Is All About

I came home early from work today. I was all excited that I would be able to get some things done. I could have dinner ready by the time Will got home, I could possibly run some errands.

I got home and immediately noticed that we forgot to put away the bulk paper towels and toilet paper that we got from Costco. Put that on my mental list. I walked into the kitchen to defrost some meat and decide what to go with it for dinner. I notice that we also forgot to put away the ziplock bags we got from Costco. Why wait? I can do that now. I put away the bags and throw away the packaging. The trash can is by the table, and I didn't have time to put the cereal away before rushing out the door this morning. The cereal goes into the pantry, and I notice we have pasta shells. I'm in the mood for shells and cheese. I'll make that for dinner. Problem: Whenever I try to do the macaroni and cheese thing on my own I always mess up somewhow. I'll go look up a recipe online. I go out to the living room to turn on the computer.

While the computer is warming up I think I'll put away the afore-mentioned Costco paper products. I open the paper towels and put one on the towel holder. On my way to see if there is room in the hall closet to stash the rest (there isn't room in the kitchen), I pass the package of toilet paper and change course to the bathroom. In the bathroom I notice there's a puddle of water by the toilet. I can't find any leaks, it must be left over from Will's shower this morning (I shower at night, I hope the puddle hasn't been there all night). I walk to the linen closet to grab a towel. The phone rings in the bedroom.

I run to the bedroom to answer the phone. It's Will. They're running behind at the office. He'll call when they're done. I hang up the phone and notice it needs to be charged. I contemplate moving the charger to the living room so I can hear the phone better if it rings. It's plugged in under the bed. I'm pregnant. There's no way. I have to leave the bedroom door open even though I want the swamp cooler air to get to the living room and kitchen first. Might as well air out the baby's room while I'm at it. I go into Reesey's room and turn on the fan. It can get stuffy in there.

I return to the bathroom after a quick stop at the linen closet, mop up the puddle, and begin putting the toilet paper under the sink. It's stuffed. I have to find another place to put the rest of the toilet paper. Back to the linen closet. I think I have enough space for the toilet paper and the paper towels, but I have to rearrange some things. Oh my goodness! There on the third shelf are the little birthday gifts that I bought for my niece and nephew. His birthday is tomorrow, why haven't I mailed that yet? Rush to the bedroom again. The wrapping paper is under the bed.
Out to the living room where we keep the scissors and tape. Oh my gosh, I think I just spelled my nephew's name wrong. My sister is going to think I'm an idiot. On to her blog to double-check the spelling (pathetic, I know) when I remember I was going to send her something, too, but I couldn't find it at the store. I do a quick search online to see if any other stores in the area sell the same product. I get store information, run to the bedroom to grab the phone, and call to see what's in stock. Alas, nothing. I'll have to send that to her later, extra postage. I think our big envelopes are in the desk in the bedroom. Back to the bedroom. I'll put away the wrapping paper and the phone back on the charger while I'm there.

I can't possibly look for an envelope when the bed is so blatantly un-made. I'd better make the bed. It actually takes me this long before I realize that my goal today was to have dinner ready when Will got home, and I haven't even started. I have to laugh. I suppose this is what being a homemaker is all about. I finish the bed and walk out to the living room desk to look up that recipe. My sister's blog is still up.
That reminds me, I should update my blog....