Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 Pumpkin Carving!

Our friends, the Riggins, invited us over for a pumpkin-carving family night. They purchased pumkins for us and everything, and it was so much fun!

Will and Britt pumpkin-carving

Me and the pumpkin

Bret finished his pumpkin and played with Reese

The crew and our pumpkins

The pumpkins and an extra head

Bret: Boston Red Sox logo
Will: classic face
Anna: Cat
Britt: spider and web
Reese (Anna did this one): Bat, light-bright style

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sharon Park 8th Ward Halloween

Our church did a Halloween party tonight. There was a chili cook-off and a Trunk-or-Treat (named such because it is traditionally set up in such a way that various volunteers use a trunk or box to set up a station inside the church gym where little kids can go trick-or-treat at. We used the classrooms around the church rather than having volunteers bring trunks.) I've been playing hooky from Relief Society for the past two weeks for a couple of reasons, so I didn't find out until this week that we were supposed to wear costumes to the party.
Luckily, my cousin's wife, Kaylie, got Reese an adorable pumpkin costume. It's for a 1-year-old, but still looks cute. I pulled out our costumes from last year, made some tweaks and viola! It was a fun night.

We were lucky that my sister, Megan, asked to borrow the Kermit accessories or we wouldn't have had them out for Will to wear again.

Cutest pumpkin at the party!

I thought about dressing Reese as Fozzy Bear to continue the Muppet theme, but I didn't have time. I just hope that our real Halloween costumes come together by the 31st....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Animal Mobile

Reese was too little to appreciate the mobile that hangs over her crib when we first brought her home. The other day I turned it on for her and lo and behold, she loved it! She even smiled at it. When it ran out of steam I wounded it up again. The first time, the sound of me winding startled her, but the second time I wounded it, she got excited as if she knew that meant it would spin and play music again. I'm delighted that something can hold her atention.

Short and Sweet- Reese Enjoys Her Mobile:

Picture Day

Grrr. I tried so hard. I carefully scheduled Reese's meals all day so that she would eat just before going to the photography studio. We changed her diaper while we were there. We talked to her, sang to her, smiled at her, but she didn't smile back. She should have been dry and sated and happy, but instead was tired and grumpy and fussy. After a while I gave up the hope of getting a picture with her smiling and was simply hoping for a picture with her not obviously wailing. We went hope tired and somewhat discouraged. I hope most of the pictures turn out okay.
We got home and it was time to change the diaper again. The changing table must be a happy place for her, because she began smiling and wide-mouthed grinning and cooing. I rolled my eyes, but it was too difficult to be frustrated at such a cute face. I suppose I can't help it if she's happier in a place that I associate with poop than a place I associate with memories.

"I love the changing table, Mom!"

I have a grandpa that thinks she isn't really smiling, that the appearance of a smile is just "colic". I've got news for you grandpa, this girl can smile for real and gets excited, too.

Reese in one of her picture outfits. I'll post a copy of professional ones if any turn out good enough to share here. Will made the comment that, though Reese had three wardrobe changes during the photo sitting, all of her clothes were hand-me-downs or gifts. Hooray for cousins and baby showers!

Baking With Baby

Biscuits and gravy are one of Will's favorite meals. Normally a breakfast dish, it shows up more often in the evening at the Will and Anna Heath home. This is the first time I've baked since Shareese came along. I strapped her on because she was in one of those moods where watching from the sidelines is just not good enough for her. Then I had a dilemma: How to get the ingredients in the bowl instead of on the baby? A combination of wide, swooping arm movements and an apron outer-layer seems to have done the trick. I get the feeling this is only the begining of many adventures in the new "doing things with baby" chapter of my life.

I didn't even get flour all over the place!

The baby-and-apron combo

Happy Birthday

My birthday is October 8, and for the first time it honestly snuck up on me. Usually I can see it coming at least a couple weeks in advance, but I was surprised to find that it was a few days away when William asked me what I wanted. I guess I've just been wrapped up in a lot of other things lately. I haven't really been keeping track of how old I am, anyway, so I guess it's not a huge deal.

A birthday cake was served during the festivities following Reese's blessing, and I gave permission for it to be cut before we got a picture of the whole cake.

Later, we celebrated with candles in a pecan pie. Mmmm... Happy birthday to me.

Blessing Day

Sunday, October 12, Shareese was given a special blessing by her dad. Friends and family were there to support and celebrate this precious baby and the prospect of her eternal future. After church we had a get-together with food and socializing. This is the first time I got to host a family gathering, (meaning I did the planning and invitations and the food prep. It will still be a while before I actually live in a home large enough to fit so many people.)

Though administered with a real power, the blessing hasn't stopped frequent fussing, leaky diapers or 3:00 am feedings, but it has helped me to appreciate the love of family, friends, and Heavenly Father. For sure I love both Reese and spending time at gatherings of loved ones, so obviously I thought this was super-fun.

Our little family with Reese in her blessing dress (thanks, Ellie!)

Bret holding Reese for a photo-op by her "Welcome Reese" cake.

Those who stood in the blessing circle.
(Reese's) Great Grandpa Dorian Faber, Great Grandpa Paul Heath, Grandpa James Heath, Daddy William Heath (holding baby Reese), Grandpa Daniel Faber, Great Grandpa Austin Christensen, Uncle P. Howard Heath.
I feel so lucky to have had this group of patriarchs participate in Shareese's special day.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Showing Off

Not the most exciting week at the Reese Heath home. Reese went with us to a family night with friends Britt and Bret. And this past weekend we listened to conference. Not much more worth mentioning. We're still working out daily schedules and trying to get by.

Showing off her smile after a blowout

Showing off her good luck as she helps Daddy win Chutes and Ladders

Showing off her social skills as she hangs with Bret

Showing off her strong neck

Showing off her Grandpa Faber