Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, the April Showers were supposed to bring May flowers, but instead the April freezing weather brought May showers.  Hey, speaking of which, my way awesome sister is having a baby shower this month for me and Reese.

I really like to see old friends, but I get all self-conscious inviting someone I haven't seen in a long time to things like this, for fear they'll think I just want presents.  Let's be honest, everyone wants presents, but if you're reading this, and you're an old friend (or even a new one), consider yourself invited, even if you don't bring a gift.  The shower is on Tuesday, June 3, (the date has been changed since this post went up) and you can call or email me for the time and address.  I would love for you to come!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Babysitting Week

This week Will's brother was out of town, and his two kids, Maranda and Gavin, stayed at Grandpa and Grandma Heath's house. Will and I went to visit them while they were there. We played games and dipped bananas into mint chocolate pudding. We also found out that Gavin loves Buzz and is scared of Zurg.

On Friday night we got to do some child-watching ourselves. My sister, Jessica, and her hubby Matt celebrated their anniversary this week, so we took their little girl, Ellie, for an overnight stay. We had tons of fun at home and at the park, and then when Ellie's mom and dad came to pick her up, we kept having fun at Grandpa and Grandma Faber's house.

One bowl for chocolate pudding, one bowl for mint chocolate pudding

Gavin steals Will's banana (again)

The view of Timpanogos from Grandpa Jim Heath's house. We were all on his porch, which I think might fall off of the house at any moment, when this was taken.

Will gets Ellie ready for a walk to the park

Ellie refused to go down any slide but one, even with Uncle Will right there at the top and Aunt Anna to catch her at the bottom

Ellie had to try every swing on the playground

When Ellie's parents came back, we went to (Ellie's) Grandpa and Grandma Faber's house, where Ellie joined in playing "Rock Band"

Will and Matt test out the Faber's new fancy shmancy bikes

Click here to see all of this week's pictures.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Day or Two Later...

Molly leaving has been a lot harder than I thought. I suppose that having a loving animal around at a time when I honestly believed I wouldn't actually ever have a baby made me grow really attached. Who am I kidding? For sure I would have gotten attached, anyway.

I'm pretty positive that the timing was just right, though. If our landlord had to go and be all crazy on us and force us into a position to make such a drastic decision, at least he did it at a time when I know I have a little girl coming for me to take care of. I've considered getting a plant to hold me over until then, but somehow, no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to convince myself that it will be even close to the same.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Farewell Molly

Sad times for the Heath family. While we are looking forward to a new addition, we are mourning the loss of another. This weekend Molly, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is leaving us. Luckily, she's being adopted by someone she knows and we're confident she'll get to love her new home.

I've always been convinced that one of her biggest problems is her excessive cuteness. She's just way too cute and loves to cuddle. I think two of the things she does that just makes me smile are when she closes the front door behind her and when she chases her treats around.

Molly Closes the Door

Molly Chases Her Treat

We'll miss you, Molly!