Monday, March 30, 2009

My First Winter

Reesey made it through her first winter. On to the first Spring!! The winter weather keeps trying to come back, and we're doing our best to fend it off by doing as many spring-y activities as possible.

We have family night with some friends every Monday, and last time Reesey got to have a taste of popsicle. She loved it. The chill must not have bothered her because it was a struggle to keep her hands on the stick instead of the popsicle itself.

BBQ! Some friends in our ward had a BBQ. The weather tried to scare us away, but we would not be frightened. Will was fabulous and held Reese for most of the time while I did silly things like chat up the ladies and try to fly a kite with a friend's son. Good times.

We have been shopping for summer. We're going on a Caribbean Cruise in June and I'm paranoid about the sun. It would be a nightmare to have a burned baby. I think it's going to take some practice to keep sunglasses on this one, though.

Good weather means walks! By far my favorite part about the warmth is being able to get outside and walk again. Sometimes we invite friends to come with us, but we don't mind taking a jaunt just the two of us, either. And we walk to the grocery store. Reese even lets her hat stay on her head most of the time.

Baby Impossible

The perfect storm: new baby sunglasses, the ringtone on Bret's phone, one-piece pajamas, a baby that grabs everything.....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Logan, Here We Come

Will succeeded in getting into the Utah State University Master of Human Resources program, so were up and out at the end of this summer. We're way excited to continue in education, but I for one am not excited to move. It will be okay, I do need an adventure every once in a while to keep me from getting bored.

Game Night

Friday night was game night. We had some friends from the ward over. We dyed Easter eggs and played Bang!, a card game.

Everyone's best egg.

The gang.

Cheryl was worried that I was taking a picture of her hand and was going to use it to cheat. At this point I had been killed and was out of the game, anyway.

Seven Months

Today is Reesey's seven month birthday. I think the seventh month gets kind of neglected because it's not really a milestone age. No doctor's visits (planned, anyway), celebration parties or reducible fractions (unlike the sixth month, which is 6/12 that reduces to 1/2).

Anyway, here are some things about Reese:
Smiles at everyone . usually wakes up happy . Just starting to get the hang of rolling around and scooting . loves to watch other little kids play . grabs everything . laughs to herself sometimes . sticks her tounge out . fits in to 12 month clothing . likes to play with her feet . sucks her thumb . drools a lot . starting to prefer Momma when she's upset . Sits with us at the table for meals . refuses to get on her knees to even attempt crawling . loves to stand up, though she can't do it on her own . dances . imitates sounds that Momma and Daddy make . good traveler, in the car and on walks . enjoys being on the changing table - probably because she knows that's a place she always gets my undivided attention . comforted by holding a blanket . likes to push buttons . has her own remote control (not the one that actually changes the channels) . beams when Daddy comes home . Eats anything we feed her . Scoots around the crib in the middle of the night (I think while she's still asleep) . gets cranky when she stays up past bed time (8:30) . loves to play with new things . looks to see where sounds are coming from . hates being left out, and looks for Momma or Daddy when she thinks one of us is being left out .

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the New TV

So this is our new TV but without the reflection of a black guy (the internet has everything)

So Anna added me as an author to our blog and I have done nothing with it since so here we go.  First, we avoided the disaster of no TV thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Faber.  This couldn't have come at a better time since March Madness is about to start.  By some fluke Utah is a 5th seed and BYU is an 8th seed, something should really be switched with that but I am happy the Cougs get a second chance to beat Texas A&M, okay not really I think they should play someone else this year but I think they will have a better chance winning this year.  And I am sorry for those Ute fans out there but I think this year will be a first round loss not just because I don't like but they are cursed with the 5th seed, not good news.  Anyway Anna is going to read this and roll her eyes because she is already sick of basketball.
Another update for those that don't know I finally finished my application for USU for their Master of Human Resource degree.  I think the worst part about getting this done was trying to get professors to write letters of recommendation, they felt like teenagers with how much I had to pester them.  The next worst was the GRE barely.  So we may be moving this summer depending on how things go and freeze even worse next winter.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Play Time

I decided to get out the Noah's Ark felt board to play with today. Reese had a lot of fun. As you can tell, the zebra was her favorite.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies!!!

I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood with a girl scout so that I can buy cookies. I have a cousin in Texas that sells them, and sometimes they bring the deliciousness with them when when they visit (for which I am always more than grateful). But I just discovered that I have another cousin that lives closer who is selling them! Hooray Samoas!

If you want any, let me know, I'll give her a call. They're $3.50 a box.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Most Romantic Thing Ever

William is doing the dishes at this very moment. I didn't ask him to. There wasn't any fanfare. He doesn't even know I've noticed. You don't need to say anything, I know you're jealous.


Last night Will and I were settling down after Reese had gone to bed, watching Bewitched on TV. Suddenly the TV snapped off. (Snapped off as in "turned off with a snap-like sound", it wasn't hanging from anything that snapped.) Will fiddled with it for a while, but couldn't fix it. He wondered out loud how much it would cost to replace it. I suggested that we not. I'm secretly really stoked. (He's not-so-secretly not.)

Reesey One-Oh-One

This is my hundred-and-first post.

Yesterday was Reese's six month birthday.

Here are some things about Reese:

Sucks her thumb, not her binky . likes to stand (with help) . rolls over . gets sick of tummy time pretty quick . smiles at momma when she wakes up . likes carrots and squash . wears 3 month old clothes . wears 6 month old clothes . wears 12 month old clothes . eats her skirts . grabs everything . huge smile . goes to bed at 8:30 . wakes up at 7:00 . wonderful when traveling . holds her blanket when sucking her thumb . refuses to get up on hands and knees . curious . slobbers . long toenails . getting fuzzy blond hair . gets excited when daddy comes home . doesn't like bath water . doesn't mind a dirty diaper . startles easily . sleeps through almost anything . likes to suck on wet cloth . sits up . not ticklish . laughs at Momma and Daddy's silly noises. Starting to choose Momma over strangers . likes to watch things move . has the sweetest personality we could want in a baby.