Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! I had an awesome birthday. Since my wonderful husband cannot keep a secret, he gave me a birthday present, a game called "25 words or less", a couple of days before my birthday. We played it with my parents and all my younger siblings on Sunday. Then on the 8th, the actual day, we went out to eat with my sister, Megan and her hubby Todd. Then they took me home and gave me lemony birthday cake while watching Gilmore Girls. My mom is still planning a birthday celebration in Salt Lake City so that my older sister Jessica and her husband Matt can be a part of it, along with their sweetheart daughter, Ellie. Meanwhile, My sister Jasmine in Oklahoma sent me a cute card signed not only by her, but with the signature of her little son, Brayden, whom I'm assuming was also the one who wrote the name of his even littler sister, Kylee. They also sent some stick-on tattoos, which Will and I had some fun with.

Hey folks, I don't really feel any older, but I don't know how anyone can ask for a better family any day of the year. Can't help but want to share the love!

Birthday Body Art

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