Saturday, February 16, 2008


Happy Birthday, Will! Will turned twentysomething on Feb 4. He thinks he's old. I've found it futile to try and convince him otherwise.

I found this idea for chocolate covered rice krispy treats, so I made heart-shaped ones on a stick to celebrate Valentine's day. I made about 4 dozen and we got to share them with family and co-workers. The picture above are the hearts waiting to be dipped in chocolate.

The finished product.

On Valentine's Day, I made dinner for a client. I meant to take pictures of the other three courses: Mozzarella sticks with roasted garlic tomato sauce, Balsamic Mesclun salad with granola and dried fruit, and smoky baked salmon with apricot sauce, duchesse potatoes and veggies, but I forgot to get the camera out until the dessert course: French cheesecake with three sauces (Creme anglaise, strawberry sauce and chocolate ganache sauce)

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Jasmine said...

Anna, you are an Iron Chef.