Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Day

I normally take Wednesdays off of work. This is the time that I make my prenatal appointments, run errands, catch up on sleep and do otherwise somewhat productive things.

This particular Wednesday I was taking a quick snooze on the couch right before my doctor's appointment when the phone rang. It was Will wondering if I would be okay with him joining me for my doctor's visit. I said that I would love to have him along and stopped by work to pick him up on the way. Coincidentally, turns out that was a really good thing.

After the doctor checked me (in that unpleasant way that pregnant woman get checked), he gave me three options: 1. Do nothing and wait for nature to take it's course. 2. Be induced tomorrow at the hospital that I wanted to have my baby at. 3. Be induced next week at a different hospital.

I was shocked. Last week the doctor told me it would be a while yet. And, while my husband has diligently tried to persuade me towards being induced, it was not an option that ever appealed to me in the slightest- until suddenly the choice was dropped in my lap.

Tomorrow. I could be holding my baby tomorrow.

Well, long story short (too late, I know) These are the last pictures of my belly at its biggest. Oh, and if you try calling me today, I probably won't answer my phone.

I know that a picture of the back is not a common pregnancy picture, but everyone kept telling me how I didn't look pregnant at all from the back. The thought hadn't occured to me that this wasn't the case for every woman.

Side view



Hosander said...

Good Luck. My sister has been *in labor* for most of the week. Inducement is totally the way to go. but be aware that they don't let you eat's probably too late for that warning.

Good Luck

Christensens said...

Hooray for a baby! Good Luck!

Christensens said...

Hooray for a baby! Good Luck!