Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Will and I were sitting on the front row during Sunday school on Sunday, and Reese wanted to get up to the table that the teacher put her stuff on. She couldn't reach, so she decided that she would just walk to it. I was so excited to see her first steps. I wanted to fuss over and congratulate her, but I was trying not to disrupt class.

Since then she's taken short walks, usually a few steps at a time. She walked down the hallway and halfway back once. We're so proud and excited!

Oh, and I don't remember if I mentioned it yet, but she now has a tooth and a half.

A couple of steps

The Friday before her first solo walk, she had some practice in the pool.

... at which time she had to be comforted by Daddy after getting mega-splashed.

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Mike Heath said...

Ah!!! I'm blind. Tell Will to put a shirt on!