Saturday, June 19, 2010

Counrty Days

"Country Days" came to town this weekend. Almost every city in Utah comes up with some excuse to have a parade/carnival/other festivities during the summer. This was Reese's first parade. She was nervous during loud entries (like the fire truck, motorcycles and motor magic carpet guys) but by the end of the parade she seemed to be enjoying herself. She especially liked the horses and anyone who threw balls into the crowd. In the end we had a hatfull of candy, two bouncy balls, one foam football and two stress balls.

Watching the horses

Wearing the Chick-fil-A hat

Smiling with Daddy (who did her hair this morning)

Smiling with Momma (who's hair is caught in the wind)

At the carnival

The photo we tried to take while on the Farris wheel

Reese on the boats (she had taken the elastic out of her ponytail, but her hair didn't seem to notice)

Reese riding the cars

Reese riding the boats

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