Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandma Comes To Visit

Grandma Faber came to visit for a whole week to help Anna after moving back to school, since she was unable to come for any extended stay right after Liam was born. We loved having her here! Reese wanted to hang out with Grandma all day and preferred her help over Mama and Daddy's.

Though Grandma left on Saturday, Reese was still hoping it was temporary and thought maybe she had returned while we were at church today. She asked on the way home if we were going home to see Grandma.
Grandma helped a ton, but the only pictures I got were of her helping Reese color.

Grandma treated us to some ice cream- and is purposely leaning back so I wouldn't capture her in this photo. Grr.
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(Love you, mom! -Anna)

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