Thursday, April 14, 2011

9 Months

Liam is 9 months old today. Here are some things about him:

Loves the camera . has started rolling over both ways . loves baby food meats . loves walking around with help . hates being by himself . gets tired before bedtime and falls asleep right away (8pm) . first hair cut today! (the hair that naturally sticks up right in the front was just getting way too long) . loves to watch Reese play . Getting over the chronic tantrum syndrome . ticklish . waves his arms . size 4 diapers . grabs his feet . kicks his feet up to the table while eating . size 12 month clothes . gets board with the same old toys . likes paper he can rip and wrinkle . turns pages when we read board books .

1 comment:

Britt Riggin said...

He's so freaking cute!!! I love those bright blue eyes :) Ah! I wish I could see him every day. sigh. Love you!