Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pin The Tail On The Elephant

Yesterday Reese wanted to play pin the tail on the elephant.  We Googled "pin the tail on the elephant" and found the results to be disturbingly lacking.  So for the benefit of all you who have been searching in vain for a proper elephant tail-pinning game, I've decided to post ours.
No need to thank me.  My reward is simply knowing I've made life better for others.

Reese won.  Though I have a sneaking suspicion that she peeked.


Shelly said...

haha this is so cute. I think Reese just has an excellent sense of direction when it comes to elephant bottoms.

Declan's Mom said...

THANK YOU!!!! I just threw my son a "Horton Hears I'm 2!" birthday party and was searching for exactly this! I am not talented at drawing so this was perfect!!! I had it blown up as an engineer print at Staples, painted it blue, and let the kids go to town!