Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My sister Shelly just came home from a semester abroad in Vienna.  She brought home with her a strudel recipe and I agreed to help her make it.  It was my first time making strudel.  So don't judge.

kneading the dough

Then let the dough sit for a couple hours so the gluten will rest, theoretically making it easy to roll out super thin.  Theoretically.

You are supposed to roll it so thin that doing it on a table cloth is probably the only way to roll it out without it sticking to the the table.

Apple filling.  Smelled of the copious amounts of cinnamon we put in.

Dough rolled (though not thin enough) and filling spread out

roll up like a cinnamon roll, place on pan.  Curl as needed to make it fit.

It didn't brown super well.  

*taking a bite of strudel* 
crunch crunch chew chew 
*considering the taste*
*raising fork*
"Here's to the next attempt!"

It tasted okay.  The next day I scraped out the filling, added some extra sugar, and re-rolled it in filo dough.   Much flakier.  But next time I try strudel I'll not follow the recipe for the filling, I'll make my own version.

Thanks for letting me bake with you, Shelly!

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