Thursday, September 27, 2007

Not Hungry Anymore

Full Fridge

Now that I have had numerous years' experience in restaurants, a two-year degree in culinary arts that took four years, an internship geared toward helping me become a personal chef, a job as head lunch-lady at an elementary school, and have been responsible for my own meals for three years, I am finally getting the hang of grocery shopping.

Can you believe it?

I looked at sale prices in all our grocery propoganda (which comes in the mail every other day), I made a list of things we are out of, things we need for our next couple of meals, I stopped in on Costco on the way to Albertson's just to make sure the prices were the best, and then- bingo! made my purchases, came home, and put away the groceries. Yay! I saved nearly 25% on my entire purchase and didn't get anything I am not going to use.

Mom would be so proud.

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