Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So Much For Foster Care

Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That's the way I feel about the following picture. To illustrate, I'll list the parts, and you can figure out what the whole picture is.

1. I'm reclining in the dark

2. I have a microwaveable hot pack on my head

3. I'm sniffing maple syrup

4. I have an unhappy expression on my face.

Have you added it up yet? Okay, here are some more clues. I'm doing part's one and two because I have a TERRIBLE headache but we don't have any medicine that I'm willing to take. I'm doing part three because my sense of smell has gotten very keen lately, and I think our house reeks. Sweet smells seem to help alleviate the accompanying nausea. And part four is simply because I've wanted a baby for ever since I can remember, and was conviced that it wouldn't happen, and now that it has I am excited, but so far pregnancy sucks.


Christensens said...

Are you seriously pregnant! Congrats that is so exciting! Sorry you are sick, my sister got very sensitive to smells as well and one day she said her house smelled so bad and so she put on a mask and tore up all the carpet... Her husband wasn't too pleased, but they got to get new carpet!
Good luck!

Hosander said...


Hosander said...

also, it gets better. 2nd and most of 3rd trimester can be very comfortable. Chin up!

Banana said...

Oh I sure hope so. Throwing up is soooo gross.