Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year Festivities

For New Year's Eve, William and I visited the Heath family, played games, and rang in the New year with Brazil, because it seemed like a good time for the kids to get to bed (and, quite frankly, me too.) Unfortunately, we were having so much fun that we didn't actually arrive home until 11:50ish, and since we had already celebrated, we didn't even notice when the clock struck midnight.

On New Year's Day, we visited the Faber household, as did the Simmons and the Itris, where we played with siblings and Ellie fed William some New Year's peas. Molly, of course, got oodles of table scraps from all the food around (especially the food around Ellie), so everyone ended up having a great New Year's time.

I, for one, am glad that all the holiday activities are over, and can return to a semi-normal schedule.
Playing Ticket to Ride on New Year's Eve. We had six players, but the game only allows up to five. We had the America version and the Europe version, but decided that the game is more fun with 4-5 players instead of three. William and Stephen volunteered to play both games at once, which is why they are sitting in between the two games. Cynthia was excited that Stephen would be distracted and now maybe she would beat him. I think he won both games.
Happy 9 o'clock New Year's!
I don't know why I was so surprised at how much kids like blowing things that make lots of noise. They like it a lot.

Ah, peas. This will be a great year indeed.

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Mike Heath said...

Any blog post that has pictures of my kids is a good one. :)

Happy New Year, in Brazil or otherwise!