Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Swift Kick In The Pants - Er, Stomach

I felt my little baby moving for the first time this last weekend. On Saturday I felt a kick and I was unsure if the kick was the baby or gas, but I thought it was the baby. On Sunday I felt the same thing and on Monday the little rascal decides to be an acrobat.

At my doctor's appointment last week on Wednesday, Dr. Wiley said that I should be able to start feeling the baby by the end of the month, and that Will should be able to feel kicks by the end of the next month. Welp, I don't know if any other woman will believe me because it's supposed to take longer for a mother to recognise the feel of the baby during a first pregnancy and it's supposed to be a while yet before kicks are strong enough for someone else to feel, but Will felt a kick yesterday. That's right, folks, I've got myself one strong kiddo whether you believe it or not.


cassie and scottie said...

ANNA AND WILL!!!!!!! oh my heck! so anna when you left that comment on my blog i was totally confused and just decided to look at whoevers blog it was that left that comment and i am so glad that i did!!! congrats on the up coming baby! that is so awesome! when are you do? do you know yet what you are having? and i totally felt my little girl move earlier than they said i would, but scott didn't feel her kick as quickly as it sounds will did. it is so fun! oh i am so excited that you found me on this thing! and i am so excited for you guys!

Hosander said...

I don't think Ben ever did feel my baby, but that was just laziness on his part, he got discouraged if he didn't feel it right away and gave up. Don't let Will do that, it's really cool.