Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Latest Buzz

Actually, the content of today's blog is old news, but I finally just found and plugged in the chord to my digital camera and had pictures to share. Unfortunately, I lost some pictures, but I still have some to share.

Will decided that he wanted to buzz his head. He had let his hair grow out a little longer than usual and was sick of it. He got a major kick out of it mostly because I didn't beleive that he would actually do it. But he did, and I had the pictures to prove it- But I don't anymore, so you'll just have to believe me.

After he got his hair cut, I got jealous. I decided to take my hair to the chopping block, too. I do have pictures of my less than six month hairstyle progression. And yes, I do like my short hair.

Got sick of the limp, straight hair.
Thought curly hair would add some volume.
Got over the curly hair, decided to go with the pixie hair.

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Hosander said...

I love it! you look super hip. and it totally goes with the Reese bump.