Saturday, April 26, 2008

Reesy Cup

It's a GIRL!!!!
We are so excited to be having a girl. I've spoken to a lot of mothers-to-be (it happens automatically when you go to church with married students from BYU) and heard arguments for and against finding out what a baby's gender is. I decided I wanted to know and you know what? I love knowing. Sometimes it puts me into fits of excitement.

Okay, so the Reese's Pieces theme: Her name is Reese. Will likes to call her "Reesy-piecy" and I like to substitute the words "My little Reesy Cup" in the song "My Little Butter Cup" (Made famous by the Three Amigos movie).

I know that ultrasounds are not all that flattering, and I didn't even like looking at them before I got pregnant, but here they are anyway just in case anyone cares.

Reese's Head

She tried crossing her legs at the beginning of the ultrasound session, but we fruitfully persevered.

I was so excited after the ultrasound that I had to go do something definitely baby-ish. I therefore went to register for baby stuff and decided that Reese's room will be red and green, and I love ladybug anything.

The beginnings of a Reesy Bump.


cassie and scottie said...

congrats! that is so exciting that you are having a girl too! how far along are you? when are you due?

Hosander said...

Yay for girls!
I think the name is cute, Reese Heath. I think she could have plenty of candy bar posters made for her.