Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, the April Showers were supposed to bring May flowers, but instead the April freezing weather brought May showers.  Hey, speaking of which, my way awesome sister is having a baby shower this month for me and Reese.

I really like to see old friends, but I get all self-conscious inviting someone I haven't seen in a long time to things like this, for fear they'll think I just want presents.  Let's be honest, everyone wants presents, but if you're reading this, and you're an old friend (or even a new one), consider yourself invited, even if you don't bring a gift.  The shower is on Tuesday, June 3, (the date has been changed since this post went up) and you can call or email me for the time and address.  I would love for you to come!


Hosander said...

Anna, I would love to come but I have like 5 other engagements that day (everyone is using that day for parties) including our high school reunion...?
So I can't make it.

Christensens said...

Hey give me the details, as long as I don't work I'd love to come!

Britt said...

Hello my love! I am there. I think Toni is confused, or I am. I thought our reunion was on May 31? Where's the shower at?
Oh, by the way, you need to check out my blog... there's a great picture of you on it.

Emily Shaw said...

Hey Girl! I'm so sad you left our circle! But I hope everything is going well in your new place. Please send me the details and I will definitely pass along the info!