Saturday, September 13, 2008

Her Mouth, Feet and Eyes

Reese has been doing great. At her two-week doctor's visit, she weighed in at 8 pound, 10 ounces, and is otherwise passing all the health tests. She seems to be growing like a weed already, and I feel almost like I was always meant to be a mom- though I think it helps that my baby is an angel.

We're beginning to get in to a routine now. After last week's visit to the lactation specialist, we discovered that Reese's incorrect latch was the cause of some painful sores and cuts on mommy. We rented a pump for a week while I healed, and I fell in love with my husband's (and other's)new ability to feed the baby. We ended up renewing the pump rental for another week while I continue to practice a proper breastfeeding latch with Reesey.

My mom, Grandma Faber, was excited when it was discovered that Reese will take a pacifier. I didn't know this, but apparently I have a niece that didn't take one, and I guess that makes a baby difficult to soothe. Unfortunately, Reese has not yet developed the ability to keep the pacifier in her mouth for extended periods of time, and she gets even more upset when she loses the pacifier. Sometimes she just drops it, other times she spits it like a projectile. I think I'll appreciate that pacifier more when I don't have to get out of bed every couple of minutes to put it back in her mouth.

Reesey's skin is still getting used to the dry climate outside of the womb. She was all wrapped up in a blanket when I decided her feet needed some lotion. She ended up wiggling in such a way that the blanket covered her head, and she just had her little feet sticking out.

Just yesterday I noticed that her eyes have started following me as I move. I don't know how well babies see soon after they are born, but I've assumed that they see in blobs or blurs. I think she must be recognising images now, and I'm glad one that she follows is my face. It's a new feeling to see her watching me instead of staring in one direction.


Mike Heath said...

We used to use an elastic head band to hold Miranda's pacifier in her mouth. That worked really well.

Emily Shaw said...

Congrats you two! She is adorable! You must be so proud! She really is a keeper! Congrats!