Sunday, September 28, 2008

One Month Older And Wiser, Too

Reese seems to be getting so big so fast. (Above: Will in the green shirt was taken a day or two after hospital discharge, Will in the Grey shirt was taken today) She was four weeks old this past thursday, and today is her official one-month birthday. A landmark this past week is she grew out of her first outfit that was too big for her at birth. She's also getting pretty good at holding her head up, even though she sometimes looks like a bobble-head doll.

This week the woman in the extended Heath family threw Reese a baby shower. I requested that this party occur after her birth so that more people would be able to see her as little as she is than probably would have been able to otherwise. Thanks to Aunt Sally for generously hosting the get-together.

One gift was an infant rocker. This chair is fabulous. It slides on the carpet easily, so now I can drag Reese to whatever part of the apartment I'm at and I don't have to pick her up if she's fallen asleep. If I'm cooking, I can drag her to the kitchen entrance. If I have to do laundry, I can drag her to the laundry room. If I'm putting on my face, I can drag her to the bathroom. So much for a rocker, they should advertise this thing as a sled.

A very helpful neighbor, Cheri Brewer, lent us some mittens to keep Reese from scratching her face. Yesterday Cheri asked me how they were working and I gave her the thumbs up. Then today Reese decided to take advantage of her mitten-less-ness on the way to church and gave herself a nose scratch. Rats.

This video isn't very exciting, but I thought that I would post it anyway to keep a memory of Reese and her cousin, Katie. Actually I think Reese sneezes towards the end, so that's pretty exciting.

To me, this video is slightly mroe exciting, if you can tell that she's holding her head up by herself.

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