Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Legend Of Sleepy Baby

Kaylie, my cousin Jason's wife, gave Reese a cute pumpkin costume. If you recall, she was wearing it in the pictures of our ward Halloween party. Will was wearing his Kermit costume and carrying around our little pumpkin Reese under his arm, and mentioned that he should have been the headless horseman and then Reese could be his "head". I thought that would be a fabulous idea. But then what would I be? The horse, of course!

I started looking around for a headless horseman and a horse costume. Unfortunately, the only headless horseman costumes I could find were online, and ran around $80, not including shipping. I thought at least I would be able to find a horse costume around locally, but it appears that a horse is not a popular costume. I decided I would have to sew a cape for Will. I then began to look for a large stuffed horse that I could turn the head in to a hat or something, but Savers only had little stuffed animal horses.

I was scrambling the week of Halloween, I couldn't figure out how I was going to do the horse and the cape. The only hope I had was the fact that all Halloween stuff was 50% off since Halloween was so close. I was at K-mart when I found this monk costume and the wheels started turning in my head. "A monk?" you ask? That's right.

The monk costume had two important features: A horse-color body and a hood. A hood with plenty of material to sculpt into a horse head. I bought cheap black fabric and buttons, used some scraps that I had at home (and some fake eyelashes) and went to work.

They took a while to make, me having only the picture in my head and no patterns and all, but the costumes turned out even better than I had hoped. The only sad thing is that I didn't get the costumes done in time to enter any contests. I was pretty proud.

I have a couple more pictures in a web album. I really think that Will and Reese were the hit of the evening, though, and the entire ensemble cost us less than $20:

08 Sleepy Hollow costumes


Hosander said...

That is really cool Anna, I am very impressed.

Christensens said...

That is funny, look how crafty you are :)

Jasmine said...

Wow, Anna very impressive. I don't think I've seen this costume done with a baby before that means you are an original.

Jessica said...

Best costumes ever!!!! Ellie loves baby Reese in the pumpkin costume.