Friday, November 28, 2008

3 Month Reese

Three months old today. Here are some things about Shareese.

loves her mobile . gets excited when Daddy comes home . only likes short 'tummy time' . always smiles on the changing table . gets sharp finger nails . wiggles . tries to laugh . has beautiful blue eyes . fuzzy hair that's growing back . startles when someone sneezes . almost holds her head up straight . called "Ms. Grumpy Pants" when fusses for no reason . called "Angel" when her normal, happy self . tries to eat her dresses . always blows out at church. likes walks with Mama . usually feeds six times per day . sleeps through the night a lot . loves her binki . learning to suck on her fingers . chunky thighs . happy in the rocker . tries to talk . loved by her family .

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