Thursday, January 29, 2009

Actual Quote

Here is an actual quote I caught myself saying to my daughter today who, by the way, is 5 months and has no idea what I'm talking about:

"Ah hah! I've got your arm and now I'm going to put it through the sleeve. It's all part of my evil plan to get you dressed!"

Mommies talk funny. I sometimes think she would protest a little more if she actually knew what kinds of things I put her in:

The shirt says, "Being good is overrated." As so, it seems, it is. She looks like a cross between a pink elf and a bandit.

Reese has been weaned off off a binky pretty well. She's replaced it with her thumb. Even during mealtimes.

This was yesterday, her 5-month birthday:

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Britt said...

Haha, mom's do say funny things. I love it. Oh, and I love the picture at the top of your blog, it looks great and makes me feel good about myself :) you have such a good looking family, I love it. Even if Reesy is a pink bandit-elf