Saturday, February 6, 2010


Sometimes Reese becomes too attached to something.

This is her favorite blanket. Yes, she had to bring it into the bath with her.

She knows we don't like it when she plays on the computers. But she likes it so much that she doesn't like it when we play with our computers, either. Once she put her toy computer up on the desk next to my computer and crawled into my lap. I thought it was cute that she wanted to be like mommy, until she put my hands on her computer and began pounding away at my real, more expensive one.
Reese's winter books came with these felt inserts for extra warmth. It also makes it easy to get her feet into the boots if you put these on first because the fabric helps her feet slide right in. One Sunday before church, she brought her boots over for me to put on her. I figured, why not?
I quickly realized that she didn't want the boots at all, just the felt inserts. She wouldn't let us take them off or put the boots on so that's what she wore to church. I was surprised at how many adults complimented her footwear. They weren't even being sarcastic about it. Since it's the non-complete item that got the attention, maybe next time we'll just dress her in some underclothes. Like in this photo, without the dress.

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