Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentines Weekend

Friday night: Church Valentines dance. Will said he felt like he was in high school again- he hadn't been to a date dance since then. They had a nursery so we didn't have to worry about Reese. If I look chubby in the picture it's because I am.

But, despite the belly, I did try to look my best. That included putting on my long hair. I think I still confuse people with my length-changing do's. (The secret: I have two wigs. That's right, fake scalps of hair. Don't tell anyone.)

The next day we finished getting ready to visit the fam in Utah Valley. But before we left, Reese tried on my sparkly red heeled shoes. She's got pink and red on- fitting for Valentines.

And She got a Valentine in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Faber. She loved the card and loved the candy even more. Thanks!

On Valentines day we spent most of the time with cousins coming and going from LDS missions. And Will got me Zours. Best Valentines candy ever. So romantic.

On President's day we went out for some bowling. Reese originally thought the way to play was to throw the ball and then chase it down the alley. She learned very quickly that the alleys are waxed and so it's not very practical to try running down them (ker-splat!). After that she learned that bowling goes like this: 1. Push the ball down the alley 2. wait for it to hit pins 3. clap 4. try to pull another ball off the rack.

Reese going for a ride in the fireplace wood-bin while visiting family over the weekend.

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