Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Announcements

So I've been told that maybe I should try to use my hobby of noodling around in Photoshop to try and make a little cash on the side. Welp, here's my attempt:

My Baby Announcements for Sale

I would like to remind you all that I did this purely as hobby before, so if you see an image or pattern that I stole from you, your blog, facebook page or whatever and you don't want me to have it on my baby announcements, please shoot me a line and I'll take it down. And please be reminded also that I'm a complete amateur.
Oh, and if you want an announcement done, baby or otherwise, and you don't need professional quality, you can ask me for the friends and family discount rates, which will probably be free.

1 comment:

Mike Heath said...

What an incredibly cute baby picture! Absolutely adorable.