Saturday, October 23, 2010


Over the summer, when we were staying with Grandma and Grandpa Great, there was a morning when Grandma and Grandpa were going out and Reese wanted to go with them. I explained that they were going to the doctor, fully expecting Reese to understand that she wouldn't want to go with them. Unfortunately, instead of deterring her, she began asking to go to the doctor. She still does sometimes.

This past week Will and I went to get our temple recommends renewed. We had to go to the church to see a member of the stake presidency. We told Reese we were going to the church, which she usually likes do, but this time she asked if instead we could go to the doctor. I told her that we weren't going to see the doctor today but the joke was on me. Turns out the presidency member doing recommends that night was none other than Reese's pediatrician. Who knew?

The other day I was sorting laundry on the bed. Reese had finally given up stealing clothes out of the piles and was jumping around, so I began to sing the song about the monkeys jumping on the bed. I started with only one monkey instead of five (there was only one monkey actually jumping on my bed) so the song ended pretty quick. But since there's a line about "Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, "No more monkey's jumping on the bed" Reese kept asking me to sing the doctor song. Then, as I sang the line "One fell off and bumped his head," Reese fell over right into the wall, head first. As you can see in the picture below, our walls are cinder block.

I suppose you can guess the end of this story. That's right: "no more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

We recently got a kid's potty chair seat that sets right on the toilet. Reese has not shown any interest in potty training at all, so the goal was just to get her to sit on it so that she would at least be aware it exists. We got a set of alphabet magnets and if she sits on the potty and counts to ten the she get to pick a magnet to play with. She will repeat this multiple times until she has lots of letters to play with. She's getting pretty good at counting to ten. Pictured above, she just wanted to read, so we sat on the potty and read. She did accidentally go potty in the potty chair once. It was pretty exciting- for me because of the implications, for her because I let her play with the whole set of magnets (which we call potty prizes.)

Reese has become very proficient in Duplo block building. She likes to make "towers" and then likes me to take pictures of them.

She's been told before not to get into the diapers, but she wanted so badly to help when I was changing Liam's diaper that I let her get the diaper out of the cupboard for him. Then she took that as the green light to go ahead and get out all the diapers. She made a train and we pretended to ride it. Speaking of the green light, Will taught her what traffic lights mean and now she always points out when its "RED! STOP!" or "GREEN! GO!"

We participated in a service project getting the temple grounds ready for winter. We pulled up the flowers and raked the beds. Reese had a blast and got to bring home some flowers.

He loves me...

He loves me not... all over the house.

Reese's imagination seems to be blooming. The other day she pretended that the porch was Grandma's house. She told me that she was Grandma, I was aunt Kenzie and Liam was aunt Lauren. " 'Mon, Kennie" (Come on, Kenzie) she would beckon me, and then we would go outside on the porch and she would serve pretend lunch.
In the video above I had on classical music. She pulled up the kitchen stool and stood on it then waved her arms in a very convincing conductor style. I haven't taught her that, so the only thing I can think of is that she learned it from watching at church or conference. Unfortunately, when she saw the camera, she changed gears and decided to dance instead. Still cute, but I wish I had captured my little conductor.

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