Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Preview

We were at Sam's Club today with some friends. They bought a Halloween costume for their little girl, so Reese wanted one, too. I let her carry a giraffe around until will checked out, at which point I told her that we already had a costume at home and that I would let her try it on when we got back. It's not Halloween yet, but you know I had to take pictures anyway.

She would not be convinced that this was a costume and not "jamjams" to wear to bed. Luckily, she was okay with the rule that she had to take it off to eat. Even more luckily, because of this rule she was already down to a diaper when half her dinner and all her juice ended up on her and the floor. Bath time!

Before dinner, she hid behind the door in the bathroom. Will informed me that she had unraveled the floss.

Turns out she wasn't hiding because of fear of getting in trouble, she simply was relaxing against the wall to smell the sweet minty fragrance of a ball of floss.

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Jumping Giraffe!

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