Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6 Years

Soooo today marks the six year anniversary of when I married Mr. Right. Better reflect on some good memories and get in a status report before we get the seven year itch.

When we met, as my dad would tell you, we were too young to get married. We did anyway. Here's some "then and now":

Now: 2010

Then: 2004

Then: The first and biggest fight that we had was over stickers on the helmets of some football players. Will would be able to tell you the team, I can't. Now: I still think sports must be the only thing he ever gets really riled up about. Thanks for treating me right, Love, even when I've been difficult to live with.

Then: When we got married Will was a Behavioral Science undergrad and I was taking Hospitality Management classes. Now: Today Will has a Masters of Human Resources and is six months away from an MBA. I'm a culinary school graduate. Geesh I'm getting all choked up with pride over you, Honey.

Then: We've always said that one day we'll be an outdoorsy family- when we can afford tents and hiking boots and other outdoor gear. Now: In our current circumstances (in Utah's arctic-like weather), I would also like to add that I would prefer camping in warmer climates. So this is a goal we're still working on- with relocation to a more Anna-friendly area now part of the goal.

Then: We were starting a new chapter as newlyweds. Now: We're starting a new chapter as "real" adults who make lasting contributions to society. Will gets to go get a real job and I will get to continue raising our children and be active in a real community where not everyone is a student. But we get to do it with six years of togetherness experience.

Then: Just the two of us. Now: As it turns out, we make super cute kids.

I sure love you, Will. Happy anniversary.

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