Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some Stuff

This past week I was in charge of the activity for play group, but didn't realize it until the day-of. Since Wednesdays are usually busy anyway, and the weather was horrible, I wasn't about to go shopping. So I looked around the house to find something to do. Thanks to my mom I had a stash of crafty items, and I made some frosting and had some marshmallows and other things. I put together a snowman decorating kit for the craft and a snowman building kit for the snack. Then, when I got to the church where we hold it, I discovered that half of the group thought we had changed the date, so we ended up not doing it at all.

Reese and I came home and decorated her snowman, anyway. She had a ton of fun when I let her use the glue and she loved the little bell we tied to his scarf.

Then we got the camera out to take pictures, and Reese insisted that we take a picture of "baby Liam", even though he wasn't doing anything particularly remarkable.

Then Reese got a hold of my makeup kit. Luckily she knows she gets in trouble when she grabs my makeup, so she has a tendency to grab my tweezers and eyelash curler instead. She's pretty stinking cute.

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