Monday, April 16, 2012


Will took the before-church Easter photos this year because I had to go to church early to warm up with the choir.  I've been going to Choir here for about two weeks, and I was asked to sing a solo.  Not to brag, but I did a little bit awesome.  Just a little bit.

Anyway, so that's why we get fabulous Easter photo backgrounds:

And not a lot of full-body shots, even though the shoes are one of Reese's favorite parts about her new outfit:

Oh, but here is the requisite "Reese striking a pose":

And after church when they got to eat the candy:

And later at Gramma and Grampa Heath's, doing an egg hunt with the cousins:

Happy Easter!

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Lila said...

Thanks for posting Easter pictures. And I almost didn't look since it has been so long.