Monday, April 23, 2012

While Will and I were in Arizona for my brother's wedding, the kids stayed with their aunt Becky.  Becky was a champ and a lifesaver, and the kids love her!  (As well as Aunt Christine, not pictured.)

The plan was to drive home on Sunday and get the kids from Grandma Alice's house that evening around dinner time.  But it only kind of worked out that way.  On the day of the wedding (Saturday) the air conditioning went out in the van.  By the time we got around to calling mechanics, most were closed.  My superwoman aunt Laurine did manage to get it to someone who could look at it, but not fix it.  So, rather than sleeping at the hotel and then driving 10 hours in Arizona-Utah summer sun in a stuffy van with six people, we opted to not sleep at all after the wedding revelry.  We drove all night to avoid the heat, got to my parent's house around 10 am, and then crashed there for a couple of hours.  

At least we did wake up in time to pick up the kids from Grandma Alice's.  Good times!

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