Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo Dump

Here are some photos of some things.

Reese and Liam.

We've been learning different ways to clean Reese's room.  Here she is practicing the method where we scoop all the toys into a pile to see how tall the pile is before putting the toys away.  Liam hasn't been much help.

The clean room.  One time, I put her down to bed in a messy room and later that night when I went to check on her the room was clean.  Maybe this teaching her to clean up isn't as futile as other moms would have me believe....

Reese playing (and posing) in the yard.

Reese sets up her cubicle in a book case.

Liam helps clean up

He loves sweeping.

Reese wears a necklace crown

Liam graduates from the crib to the toddler bed.  Then quickly from the toddler bed to the bottom bunk.

We have tons of ivy in our yard

Reese and Liam love playing outside.

A tree getting cut down.  Only 7 more to go, give or take.

We read a lift-the-flap book with animal sounds. 

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