Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gifts for Molly...or Molly for Gifts?

Ellie came to Provo last week to play. Dad pointed out that the Molly-Ellie relationship is a symbiotic one. Ellie loves Molly. She likes chasing molly, calling Molly Elmo (Ma-mo), petting her. Molly gets a good deal because when Ellie eats, she doesn't know how to keep all the food on the table, yet. And even if she did, I suspect that she would try to feed the animals, anyway.

Molly gets some welcomed gifts from Ellie.


At home, on the other hand, Molly has decided that she enjoys the Christmas tree skirt, and often settles in right under the bows, just like a Christmas gift. I was tempted to put a ribbon on her.

The prettiest-wrapped gift under the tree.

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