Saturday, November 3, 2007

Third and Final Installment of the '07 Pumpkin-Themed Blog

The Halloween party this year was so much fun. I volunteered to make a cake for the cake walk, along with some cupcakes. The cupcakes turned out great, they feature the classic jack-o-lantern, a mummy, a monster, and an overgrown grave with a spiderweb. They were so much fun that I made some extra for Will to take to work.
The cake turned out alright, too. It featured a super-chocolate graveyard. The headstones were all made from solid chocolate and there's one open grave- you could be next! I added some long grass to make the graveyard look overgrown, like the cupcakes, but I think the pure chocolate version actually looked better.
This year, as with every year, I had the hardest time coming up with costumes. I was looking through the costume box at my mom's house when I found a blond wig. I put it on - I kind of like wigs.
Shelly, my sister, also had to show off her Halloween surprises. She put on an all-black bodysuit and looked like a ninja. She scared everyone with her creeping around.
When they were done screaming, everyone saw my blond wig and asked me if I was going to be Miss Piggy for Halloween. Why not? I like the whole couples-dress-in-related-costumes thing, so naturally I had to make a Kermit costume for Will. The costumes turned out pretty awesome.
Now it's all over. I just hope that I can think of some more fun ideas by next year.

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Jessica said...

Those are the most amazing cupcakes I have ever seen!