Saturday, December 29, 2007

Three Years

December 28, 2007 was the three-year mark for the existence of the William and Anna Heath family. Happy anniversary to us! We didn't get to do anything tremendously exciting for it, we actually ended up playing guitar hero as the highlight of the day, but it's only our third, cut us some slack!

William gave me a beautiful Venetian glass heart necklace, which came with a leather band. Not only was it sweet, but I later looked up the "traditional anniversary gifts" chart and found that traditionally the third anniversary is the leather anniversary, but on the modern chart it's crystal/glass. Bonus points to Will for unknowingly accomplishing both!

Year four is supposed to be fruit/flowers traditionally, or appliances on the modern chart. Totally looking forward... I love fruit.

This video is of my favorite Guitar Hero song. Someone passed it with a perfect score on the expert level and posted it to YouTube. I really just like the melody.

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Hosander said...

Conglomerations you Heaths, that sounds like an excellent anniversary.
Do you have links for the traditional and modern charts that I could look up?