Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tummy Check Part Two

I've taken Wednesday mornings off work from now until forever so that I can go do water aerobics. At first it felt funny, and then I got used to the water, and then when I got out of the pool I felt like I instantly gained 50 pounds- all in my front. But Reese does like to make sure that I know she's still there even with all my weight suspended in the water. I imagine she thinks it's funny to kick around and set herself in the way that will make it most difficult for me to to a certain exercise and/or stretch.

Now that I'm sprinting to the finish line of my first pregnancy, I have some advice to give to future mothers. Two things actually: 1, do water aerobics. It's awesome. 2, Don't buy your pregnancy swimsuit online just because it was a great price. I just bought the cheapest I could find with the mentality that "No matter what I wear I'm going to have to swim with the mentality that I don't care what I look like anyway, so why spend time and money to get the "perfect" swimsuit?" As it turns out, I don't like my swimsuit at all, and the next time I do the pregnancy thing I'm going to be buying another one anyway. One that I've tried on before I purchase.

Even though they don't cover much, I'm just glad that my swim shorts still fit. I'm not crazy about my thighs right now

Dreaming of a new swimsuit.

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